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The Reasons Why You Wish to Apply for the Scholarship 

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    My name is Lim Wee Kian, I am a self-motivated, dedicated and disciplined student who is currently studying the course of Bachelor of Accounting at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok Kedah. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” would be my life motto. I am always trying to challenge myself no matter in academic, extra-curriculum or even in my life. I am very actively participating in various academic and extra-curriculum activities. For instances, I am the lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), BGS is the international Business Honor Society that recognized and honoured top performing students from around the world. Besides, I was the chairman of Accounting Competency Challenge 2019, it was a national accounting competition that involve the whole Malaysia accounting undergraduates. In competition based event organized by other universities or societies, I have been involved in Intervarsity Corporate Strategy Challenge 2019 and I managed to get the first-runner up and the best elevator pitch award. In the other hand, I also involve in mandarin debate and I managed to achieve the champion in the Internal Debate Competition 2018 which was held by UUM Mandarin Debate Club. Moreover, I have involved myself in community services. I am an active St. John member. I am holding the sergeant rank in St. John Ambulance of Malaysia and I am a qualified first aid trainer. I did organize events under St. John Ambulances of Malaysia either in divisional level or area level. For example: annual cadet camps, basic first aid courses, annual inspections, blood donation campaigns, health screening events and etc.

    First of all, the reason why I wish to apply for the scholarship is because if with the scholarship received, my parents who has been slogging hard for me would be ease their burden. Although I am currently studying in a government university, and the tuition fees for my course are partially subsidized by government and the rest will be covered by the PTPTN loan, however the PTPTN loan is not covering my living expenses. My parents will need to cover my living expenses amounted RM500 every month. As I came from a moderate family, my father is the only source of income in my family and he is almost reaching the retiring-age, I would rather apply for a scholarship to earn income to cover my living expenses instead of getting the pocket money from my parents which can directly ease their financial burden.

    On the other hand, it is an indomitable fact that scholarship enables me to make my dream comes true. Since I was young, my ambition is to be a chartered accountant. Accountancy incorporates a wide variety of duties and responsibilities. While accountants may share key attributes such as financial skills, attention to detail and a clear understanding of business ethics, the profession includes several different specialisms. These range from preparing tax returns and carrying out independent audits to investigating fraud and guiding companies through periods of difficulty. Whatever an accountant’s area of expertise, robust knowledge and respected qualifications are a must. Achieving a respected qualification such as ACCA, MICPA, ICAEW or CIMA takes time, dedication and most importantly, it requires a huge amount of tuition fees and exam fees in obtaining the qualification. I planned to sit for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA papers next semester, each paper’s tuition fees and exam fees will be around RM1500 and it would be unaffordable for me as a students from a moderate family. The scholarship would definitely help me in enhancing myself to be a better person in terms of knowledge in accounting and I strongly believe that it would absolutely help me in my future career as a chartered accountant.

    Simultaneously, scholarship is a form of encouragement for me to perform myself and finally instil good qualities such as good time management, being responsible and hardworking. Having vented so far, it is proven that I achieved an excellent result in my STPM 2016 which is 4A, 4.0 and also I managed to maintain my CGPA in the first class level which is 3.88 in my third year of studies. I reached a surreal goal as I aimed before. Thus, I perceive that I am qualified to get the scholarship I apply. At the same time, I performed well in the extra-curriculum activities. One of the achievements that made me feel proud of myself was being selected as a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma as it recognized top performing students not only academically and also in term of extra-curriculum and soft skills. Needless to say, scholarship brings multiplicity of benefits to me. All in all, I implicitly reaffirm that scholarship is mostly a good thing for the pillars of our country. Therefore, these significant benefits of scholarship are sufficient enough to support the reasons why I apply scholarship. Thank you.

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