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Ideas for Informative Speech Topics

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Looking for informative speech topics? On this page I’ll show you how to pick the right topic for YOU, and how to turn your current interests into a truly entertaining presentation for your audience!

Speech Topic: What Exactly IS an Informative Speech?

An informative speech is simply a matter of conveying facts or ideas to your audience without offering a point of view. Examples of informative speeches are reports, educational lectures, demonstrations or training.

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Ideas for Informative Speech Topics
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Speech Topic: How to Come Up With Ideas for Informative Speech Topics

It’s simple, really. Ideas for informative speech topics can come right from the gold-mine of your own experience and interests! Using this approach serves two purposes.

1. It makes gathering the information for your speech easier. Since you already know quite a bit about what you’ll be talking about, just a little additional research will give you all the information you need to give a great speech.

2. Ideas for informative speech topics that come from your own experience or interests will give you more energy and enthusiasm for preparing and delivering your presentation.

This enthusiasm will come across to the audience, making the actual speech more interesting and effective.

So, to get ideas for informative speech topics, think about what you have done in your life that might add value to the lives of other people.

Do you have a particular skill or hobby that might interest others?

Do you play a sport?

Do you watch a sport?

Have you done something that few people know how to do?

Consider giving a demonstration of how to do what you know how to do. Believe it or not, one of the more interesting informative speeches I have seen was about how to clean a camera.

If you don’t feel you have any skills or hobbies that you would like to speak about, how about sharing something that is an interest of yours?

  • Are you interested in history? You could tell your audience about an historical event or an historical figure.
  • Are you interested in travel? Deliver a speech that informs the audience about a place you have visited or would like to visit. Or talk about a particularly interesting mode of travel, such as traveling by train or exploring on a bicycle (or even a unicycle!).
  • You could do a biographical report on a person you admire, or inform the audience about an art form you enjoy.

“What if my only interest is watching reruns of The Simpsons?” you ask.

Well, then do some research about the show’s creator and let your audience know how the show came about, or present some interesting information about some of the cast members. If you’re more motivated you could learn something about animation and talk about that.

If you are really feeling stuck about ideas for informative speech topics…

…ask the people around you what they think would be a good topic for you to speak about. Sometimes your friends or family can see what you are really interested in better than you can! Or maybe they’ll come up with a common interest or activity that you share and about which you’d be able to find lots to say.

So remember, finding ideas for informative speech topics is easy and fun if you go to the gold-mine of your own experiences and interests. Choosing a topic from those areas will give you the energy and enthusiasm you need to prepare and deliver an outstanding informative speech!

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Ideas for Informative Speech Topics. (2017, Oct 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/ideas-for-informative-speech-topics-speech-example-ideas/

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