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The author admires their mother the most in their family, describing her as the center of the family around whom everyone revolves. She is affectionate, kind, caring, loving, and compassionate, always ready to solve problems. The author credits her with acting as a buffer between their strict father and the rest of the family. Their mother wakes up early in the morning and completes all her daily chores with perfection. She is a friend, philosopher, and mentor to everyone in the family, instilling courage and confidence in them. The author wishes to be like their mother and earn appreciation from all by possessing the same patience, capability of handling any situation, compassion, and rapport with everyone in the family.

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My mother is the focal point of our family, and I hold her in high esteem. She resembles the sun, with us orbiting around her like planets within a solar system. Apart from being affectionate, kind, and nurturing, she also possesses love, empathy, and an unwavering availability to assist us in resolving any troubles we encounter. Throughout my existence, my mother has played the role of a mediator between my sternly disciplinarian father and the rest of our family circle – encompassing grandparents, grandchildren, and newcomers alike.

Every action performed by this individual is filled with love and affection for each family member, from waking up before sunrise to flawlessly completing daily tasks. They do not rest until everyone else has retired for the night. Within our family, they serve as a friend, philosopher, and mentor. Their exceptional talent in instilling courage and confidence in us makes any task feel as effortless as a child’s play.

When she is present, we can find reassurance that everything will be fine. There is a lot to learn from her being around. She embodies both politeness and self-assurance. At the same time, she radiates a comforting warmth while having inner strength. Not only do I deeply respect her, but I also feel slightly jealous of what she represents. I long to have the same level of patience, skill in dealing with any situation, empathy, and most importantly, the ability to form strong bonds with every member of our family. My ultimate goal is to imitate her qualities and earn admiration from everyone.

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