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Introduction Every day whether at work or at home, there are things that we do that can be improved upon. One way to improve upon them is to look at the processes and identify any issues or bottlenecks. Bottlenecks can occur at any point within the process from preparation to the completion of the process. To steam line a process it is imperative to identify possible issues where bottlenecking occurs. My flow chart for this assignment looked at the time it took me to get ready for work in the morning and getting to work on-time. Bottleneck While collecting the data for my flow chart, I found some areas in which bottlenecks occurred.

The first occurred when my youngest son would wake-up prior to me getting into the shower. When this happened, my oldest son and myself were spending a good deal of time tending to him and find something to occupy him so that we could get ready. Being that he is three-years-old it can take much effort finding something to keep him occupied. The second bottleneck that occurred was when my oldest son would shower before me and would take an extended shower. I would be awake and sitting idle, not being able to get anything accomplished, waiting for him to finish.

This extended shower cut into my available time to get ready in the morning and I found myself rushing to get out the door. Conclusion When an issue such as a bottleneck occurs and is identified, the following steps should be taken. First examine where the bottleneck is occurring and why. Once this is done the next step is to find out the best way to correct the issue or resolve the bottleneck. Because I have identified two bottlenecks within my process of getting ready for work, I now should focus on how to find the best means in which to correct them.

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