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DiGi: Identify the Appropriate Targeting Strategy

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Before the DiGi choose the suitable target market, the DiGi will need to define few things before choose the target market that can appropriate with their organization. DiGi need to know about the product or the service that they wanted to make and also who they want to do business with. Therefore, DiGi decide to provide a variety of mobile communication services. DiGi planned to provide the services to all consumers that using the mobile phone that will using the prepaid cards, post-paid or some other services .

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DiGi: Identify the Appropriate Targeting Strategy
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After that DiGi will designs a appropriate single market segment using a one marketing mix to directs to the entire market. *Determine which segmentation variables to use DiGi will make the research based on the demographic variables, geographic variables, psychographic variables and behavioristic variables from larger markets into smaller section, known as segmentation. DiGi should be able to know the demographic variables of the customers such as age, gender, race, and the rest.

In the geographic variables, DiGi must know the customers religion, the market density, terrain and so on.

Personality attributes, motives, lifestyles of the customer would be the variables of psychographic variables. Behavioristic variables will got the volume usage, end use, benefit expectations and others to the customers. With all of this, DiGi can find out the suitable and also unsuitable segmentation to their organization. DiGi should reject the unsuitable segmentation for their niche market.

*Develop marketing profiles. DiGi can describe their potential customers at the market. DiGi will use the suitable segmentation that have been research and expand the marketing profiles. Focus on the suitable segmentation more than the unsuitable segmentation will increase their opportunity in the market. However, the DiGi will just focus on few suitable segmentation because the market still will grow and they will develop again when the time is coming to DiGi. *Evaluate relevant market segments DiGi evaluate all of the market segments that have been research and will lways considerate with certain segments that can help the company as well. Whether the segmentation is successful or not can be evaluated by few questions. Is it sizeable? Is it growing? Is it profitable? Is it accessible? Is it compatible with the firm’s resources and capabilities? By this following analysis will help DiGi easily evaluate with market segmentations and also can deal with problems. *Select specific Target Markets Selecting the target market it is important for DiGi to decide the size of the target market.

DiGi will consider is the target market large enough to sustain a their business in the market. A target market has to be of at least a minimum size to be viable. In fact, they might be too large, and it might be wise to find a niche within those target markets. Therefore, DiGI must focus on a particular type of telecommunication service, such as the phone prepaid card, post-paid and some other services that provide by the DiGi. Thus by targeting its product for its targeted market, DiGi can decide its size on the basis of it.

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DiGi: Identify the Appropriate Targeting Strategy. (2017, Mar 12). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/digi-identify-the-appropriate-targeting-strategy/

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