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Identify the role of a team leader

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Identify the role of a team leader and the uniformed public services A skill is something you can demonstrate and develop on. Examples of skills are public speaking, command and control, communication and organisation. Delegation is a skill and it is when you give roles to people providing on their strengths, for example, in the uniformed public services the sergeant delegates roles to officers because of what they are good at. If someone has motivation as a skill, they must help their team reach a goal/aim. If they can’t, the team will be less likely to be successful. Co-operation and communication is a skill because they must be able to tell the team what they are going to do and to give clear communication. It helps the team achieve its goals. Time management is a skill because you have to manage the time to complete tasks on time. They must be organised to achieve their personnel. They must also prioritise tasks.

They need this in the public services because you need to be organised and prioritise tasks by importance. For example, if someone has been murdered or someone has been mugged, you would attend the murder scene first. A quality is something within your characteristics.

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Identify the role of a team leader
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Examples of qualities are commitment, self-belief, leadership and courage. You inherit something which means you are born with a quality. Decisiveness is a quality because a leader needs to show good judgement by making fair and clear decisions when facing tough situations. They also need to do this quickly. Adaptability is also a quality because they must be able to adjust to long-term plans when new information is available. They must also be able to adjust to a changing environment. Another quality is courage, a team leader needs courage because if they are in the frontline in the army they need it to get the task done and to motivate the team and to show an example. They need it to manage dangerous situations. A team leader needs compassion because they need to be aware of sympathy and must understand how the team might feel and to be able to help. They might have to deal with child abuse or murder in the uniformed public services which is hard to talk about. A role of a commanding officer is they lead the unit and is accountable. They need to lead the unit so everyone has a role and they need to be accountable because they need to justify their actions to their manager and they need to take control of the situation and decide what is best. His responsibilities are they focus on the big picture. They need to focus on the big picture because if they perform an action they need to know what the consequences will be. They are given legal powers within the military law to discipline or punish behaviour. They have the duty of care of others. A commanding officer uses a skill which is motivation to motivate the team to get the goal done and they are more likely to be successful. They also use another skill which is co-operation and communication because they must be able to speak and co-operate the team they work in and to command roles to them. They have a quality which is decisiveness. They have this because they use time effectively and they have to make quick decisions if they need to think on their feet. A role of a station commander is they run the fire station and is responsible for the different watches. They need to make sure everything is in check. They have control of radio communication and control the incident that has happened. They take control of the situation because they are the commander and they know what to do when an incident occurs. There are responsibilities are buying equipment and keeping up with finance. They have duty of care to personnel. They must complete incident reports and complete risk assessments. They have to complete risk assessments so if a risk occurs they have evaluated how bad it is and what can be put in place to stop it. Station commanders have a skill which is time management. They must have this because when they are completing a task they must do it on time and fast so the incident does not get any worse and so they can quickly move on to another task. Another skill they have is delegation.

A station commander must delegate roles to their team which they are good at it. For example, if someone was fast at checking if the building was clear, they would delegate that role to that person. A station commander has a quality which is adaptability. They must be able to adapt to environment changes because it changes all the time. Another quality is compassion. They are aware of sympathy that the public have if an incident happens. They try and help as much as they can. To conclude, a skill is an ability that is demonstrated and used to perform a task successfully and a quality is a characteristic which you are born with. Delegation, motivation, co-operation and communication and time management are skills. Decisiveness, adaptability, courage and compassion are qualities. A commanding officer must have motivation so they can encourage the team. They also have co-operation and communicated so they can talk to their team and give them
roles and tasks. They also have courage because they have to go on the frontline. A quality they have is decisiveness. They have this because they have to give roles to their team. Station commander must have time management because they must prioritise tasks and make sure they are going as fast as they can. They have delegation because they have to delegate roles to each of their colleagues. They have adaptability because their environment changes all the time. They also have compassion for their job. If they didn’t have compassion for their job, they wouldn’t do it.

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