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The novel I’m the King of the Castle by Susan Hill explores the themes of imprisonment and flight through various incidents and symbolism. The story follows the character of Kingshaw, who is frequently trapped in situations by the antagonist, Hooper. The Red Room incident symbolizes entrapment, while Kingshaw’s escape to Hang Wood turns into a metaphorical hell due to Hooper’s pursuit. Kingshaw’s suicide at the end can be seen as his ultimate flight from the oppressive situation. The novel is rich in hidden symbolism and can be a great source for critical analysis and class discussions.

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In her novel. “I’m the male monarch of the castle” . Susan Hill conveys the subjects of imprisonment and flight through a figure of cardinal incidents. symbolism and utilizing the relationship between characters.

Bing trapped can to some people be a really traumatic experience. The sheer claustrophobia of it all can be highly marking. In this essay many signifiers of entrapment will be put away but besides many signifiers of flight.

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One of the cardinal incidents in the novel is when Edmund Hooper lures Charles Kingshaw into the Red Room. Inside the room are shows of old moths and dust-covered old books. The symbolism of all the moths pinned down is that of being trapped ; the moths couldn’t ‘get free’ . Hooper so runs out of the room and locks Kingshaw indoors. Kingshaw here is trapped. Alternatively of shouting for aid. he stays quiet and delaies until he can hear person outside before doing a noise to get away. This possibly shows that he has been to get oning school and does non respond in what we would name the normal manner.

When Kingshaw finds Fielding. he was get awaying from the house. He subsequently used Fielding rather often as a manner of acquiring off from Hooper for a spot but this subsequently all comes crashing down as Hooper besides befriends Fielding and turns him against Kingshaw. Because Fielding was Kingshaw’s merely friend. he lost his signifier of flight which efficaciously imprisons him in Hooper’s house.

One of the major cardinal incidents in the book that truly puts Forth the peculiar subject of imprisonment is when Kingshaw runs off to Hang Wood. It foremost starts out as an flight but when he realises that Hooper is following him. it turns into a metaphorical snake pit. Because of Hooper. they get lost and don’t do it out onto the other side of the forests. This means that they have to remain in forests during a boom storm which makes Hooper violently ill and panicked. After a piece. they come across a glade with a lake in it and they rest at that place for a few hours. During this clip. they go into the lake for a swim and Kingshaw decides to look for a manner out of the forests. He ties a spot of threading around a tree so that he doesn’t acquire lost and walks off. After a piece. the twine runs out and so he has to return but when he does Hooper is lying with his organic structure in the H2O unconscious. The evident narrative is that Hooper had tried to catch a fish but he had slipped and hit his caput off a stone. When the two male childs return place after being found. Hooper claims that Kingshaw had pushed him and intentionally tried to wound him.

After hebdomads of changeless intimidation. Kingshaw is so stressed that he commits suicide. This is what you could name his ultimate flight. He wakes up one forenoon. retraces his stairss to the glade in Hang Wood with the lake and submerge himself.

The full book is wholly riddled with concealed symbolism and state of affairss of imprisonment and flight which makes it ideal for critical essays and category treatments.

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