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Susan Glaspell lived in a clip where the most apparent societal issue was the inequality between work forces and adult females. and that adult females greatly relied on work forces in order to populate. Glaspell. as a budding author and women’s rightist. tried to turn out them incorrect by composing dramas sing the freedom of adult females against the gender roles that the society dictates. With the aid of her hubby and friends. she started the Provincetown Players. where they are able to experiment on new dramas which explores sensitive societal issues like gender inequality. Glaspell’sTriflesis a good illustration of these dramas.

Susan Glaspell was born on the late nineteenth century. where adult females are non yet recognized as peers of work forces. Her writing manner is influenced by her Midwestern background. The first calling she took after graduation was a coverage occupation for a day-to-day newspaper. The dramaTrifleswas based on an existent slaying instance that she has worked on during her yearss as a newsman. After she quit her work as a newsman. she began composing fiction novels. Susan Glaspell became unfastened to extremist thoughts when she met George Cook. a married adult male from Davenport. She was able to work on the traditional gender functions. merely like what is being tackled onTrifles.

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Glaspell and Cook developed an matter. and were married afterwards. With Cook being a Nonconformist. Glaspell was able to freely make what society restricts her to make because of her gender and category. It was besides through Cook and some of her friends that she was able to exert her literary freedom and come up with dramas that talk about social issues of her clip. They were able to set up a group called the Provincetown Players that would set on dramas for their ain amusements. Harmonizing to Ben-Zvi. Susan Glaspell was “living in a community passionately concerned with socialism and feminism ( Ben-Zvi ) ” . This group greatly contributed to the celebrity of her drama.Trifles.

Susan Glaspell’sTriflesis a drama that depicts the function of adult females in the society during the clip it was made. During that clip. work forces are still considered to be superior to adult females. It is besides the clip when work forces normally undermines the capablenesss of adult females. every bit good as inquiry their decision-making ways. The drama showed how adult females were normally ruled by their emotions and intuitions. which they used to successfully uncloak the instance.

The narrative revolves around the instance of the murdered John Wright. who was strangled with a rope while he sleeps in his farmhouse. The chief suspect was his was married woman. Minnie Wright. who was already arrested and is non portrayed in the drama any longer. The job of the characters would be to turn out whether Minnie Wright was truly guilty of slaying her hubby. They have to happen farther grounds that would link or set up a motivation for Mrs. Wright to slay her hubby.

As the male characters continue to seek for groundss that would set the instance to an terminal. the females talk about the life of Mrs. Wright ; her battles as the married woman of Mr. Wright and her loss of freedom as a adult female. They do this piece they go about her things. carefully reciting her narrative by looking at how things were in here house. With the all the muss that was left in her house. particularly in the kitchen. the male research workers assumes that Mrs. Wright was an unqualified housekeeper. But for the adult females of the narrative. she was considered as a daunted adult female. pestilence with jobs which work forces knows nil about.

The drama can be considered as climactic. because harmonizing to Greenwald. et Al. it works on the rise and falling of action in the drama ( Greenwald. Schultz and Pomo ) . With a scene of merely the kitchen in the Wright’s farmhouse. the rise and autumn of action can be seen with the duologues of the characters. particularly between the two adult females characters. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. Through their conversations. the narrative is unfolded. This is besides how the flood tide of the narrative was reached. when they were able to bring out what truly happened in that house.

In this drama. the two adult females were able to nail the existent slayer. which truly was Mrs. Wright. Despite this fact. they didn’t experience any compunction or hatred for Mrs. Wright. Alternatively. they pitied her for everything that she went through. every bit good as understood her actions. They used their emotions to make up one’s mind on the instance. alternatively of turning to what should be truly done about their find. They chose to maintain it between themselves instead than stating their finds to the rightful governments which are looking for the truth.

There are a figure of characters in the drama. but merely a few played of import parts in the narrative. The male characters include the Sheriff. Mr. Hale. and the County Attorney. Both the Sheriff and Mr. Hale are in their in-between ages. while the County Attorney is still in his young person.

Their difference in age makes no difference in their character. because the work forces in this drama are portrayed with one type of personality. which is their sense of laterality over females. every bit good as their rational. yet uneffective ways of work outing the offense. The male characters here were described as stock characters. which stays the same all throughout the drama. They were merely back uping characters which have no definite consequence on how the drama goes. They are at that place merely to function as a comparing for the female characters who are the 1s that played a major function in the drama.

The female characters in the narrative were the married womans of some of the male characters. Mrs. Hale was the married woman of Mr. Hale. and Mrs. Peters was the married woman of the Sheriff. Mrs. Peters was described as a stringy adult female of some kind. with a thin nervous face. This description shows that Mrs. Peters was more on the thin side. and that she was a spot old-looking for her age. On the other manus. Mrs. Hale was described to be larger than Mrs. Peters. and was seen to be in a comfortable state of affairs. She is in the bulky side. but her face is described as looking disturbed and fearful. This is because of the event that they were called in ; the slaying of John Wright and the apprehension of Minnie Wright.

The character of these adult females were complex. where they were shown as inactive characters at the beginning of the drama. but in the terminal. they were the 1s who played a large function. particularly when it comes to work outing the slaying instance of John Wright. At first. some may see them as originals of a adult female. who was ever with their adult male in whatever they do.

In the terminal. they were the 1s who were able to uncloak what truly happened at the clip John Wright was murdered. Another female character played a large portion on the dramaTrifles.despite non holding any visual aspect in the drama. She was Minnie Wright. who was the original of an laden adult female. Gainor ( 2001 ) . described that she lost her freedom by the clip she was married. and was deprived of all the things that could do her happy ( Gainor ) .

The idea of the drama was more on the function of adult females in the society. It was a conflict of the sexes when it comes to concluding about the slaying instance of John Wright. with all the male characters has the same point of position. as opposed by the point of position of the female characters. The female characters in the narrative defended or justified the actions of Minnie Wright. while the males tried difficult to seek for the grounds that would really trap her down and shut the instance.

The enunciation of the drama was everyday. wherein the conversations were kept simple and easy apprehensible ( Greenwald. Schultz and Pomo ) . There was no complex footings used in duologues. doing it easier for the audience to understand. It used simple old English footings which are delivered clearly and fluently. This is really of import since the drama doesn’t rely much on the scenes or actions of characters but in the conversations between the characters.

The music of the drama was minimum. because the rise and autumn of actions were more on the late parts of the drama. wherein the female characters easy unfolds what happened in the Wright family. It showed the events that led to Minnie Wright’s actions. including the oppressing intervention being given to her by John Wright. The find of the dead bird showed the flood tide of the narrative. wherein the female characters eventually came up with sufficient grounds that influenced Minnie Wright’s actions.

The spectacle of the drama was on it’s scene. which is the kitchen of the Wright farmhouse. Here. Susan Glaspell showed the topographic point that embodies the gender function of adult females in the society. which was the kitchen ( Gainor ) . It was shown as a disorderly topographic point. where everything is a muss. Harmonizing to the Sheriff. the kitchen’s muss reflected Minnie Wright’s incompetency as a housekeeper. This was opposed by one of the ladies. stating that this is merely a manifestation of the jobs being experienced by Mrs. Wright. This means that adult females are expected to be the Masterss of the kitchen. and that a little upset would intend her incompetency.

The dramaTriflesshowed how adult females were treated during that clip. The society perceives it as a gender function. which most of them is forced to follow to. Because of this. most people developed a position sing women’s right and incorrect actions. They are easy held apt for their errors. and that any divergence to these norms would intend incompetency in the side of these adult females.

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