Immigration Policies Essay

Immigration Policies

            Immigration is when foreign individuals attempt to enter and stay in a certain host country. The reasons behind their transfer could be that they are seeking asylum in their countries, transfer citizenship, or because they find that the host country allows greater opportunities for them.

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Immigration Policies
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However, because of the rampant rise of immigrants and threats from terrorists, it is important to have a filter to keep their citizens away from harm. Immigration policies are important for the welfare of their people.

These policies involve categorizing applicants based on their objectives. It also involves setting requirements along with their applications. It is also important to monitor rates of entry and removal to update necessary policies.

When applying to become an immigrant, like in the United States, individuals are asked about what kind of migration they are applying for. It could be that they would want to be with their relatives in the US. This means that they are directly related to the citizen of US.

Another major category is that of Family-Based Immigration. This refers to a second or third degree relation to the citizen. Employment-Based Immigration could also be applied for. This is when an individual has exceptional capabilities in their respective fields. It is important to categorize individuals in this manner so that the processes they will have to go through will fit their objectives. It is important that there is transparency for everyone’s benefit.

Not only are individuals asked to declare which form of application they are headed for, but there are also requirements that should come along after submission of their application. To complete their migration to the US and become full citizens, there are certain criteria that they have to fulfill. The number of months and years an individual should reside in US will depend on the characteristics of the applicant. This involves their relation to certain individuals who are already full pledged citizens and their respective social statuses. Their current employment and vocational practices are also taken into consideration.

Policies that require residence of applicants find how much these individuals are determined on staying for good. Although they might be allowed to visit their homelands, if they do not meet the required time of residence, they application will be rejected and will be asked to leave the country.

Finally, policies are necessary to be up to date depending on the needs of the people. It must not change to frequently because it may lead to inconsistency and problems with the applicants. But for the welfare of their citizens, certain steps are to be reconsidered. As with the source, they have monitored the annual rates of applicants depending on their homelands and categories. This highlights and implies certain economic, social, cultural and political trends.

In conclusion, immigration policies are important to a country and to its states. There are three important aspects of these policies to support its significance to a nation. It is important to categorize the applicants to set their processes according to their needs. The importance of required residence relays the determination and affirmation of an individual to stay as a full pledge citizen. Finally, the significance of these policies also reflects in the rate of applicants every year. Immigration policies will continue to be important in any nation as it aims to welcome other people, while protecting their own citizens.

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