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What is the impact of automation on American culture and lifestyles? Automation is the use of control systems and technologies reducing the need for human jobs. Therefore there are two sides to having automation and one of them is bad. It destroys the need for humanly work since its cheaper for companies and quicker plus you don’t need to give them breaks and money. So really companies are benefiting from this. Automation is part of the American culture since almost everything is created by machines ….. ur life style has changed we expect more things to be made in less time and demand more of everything and the only way to set the demand is by automation. So in the end the impact of automation is great on our culture and lifestyles if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t function. It is able to provid more and able to sell more The use of automation in the wave of the future, there is no denying it or fighting it. For every development there are downfalls of course, the increasing laziness and narcissism is a major downfall of our increased availability of technology.

For example, nobody cares that you had a ham sandwich for lunch and there is no need to tweet, blog or post that on facebook! The benefit however out outnumbers the downfalls in my opinion. The further we develop automation the more likely that manual labor and grunt work will become obsolete, giving people a chance to put their efforts towards innovation and development of better, cleaner, more environmentally friendly products. Giving everyone the ability to put their brains to use and not have to scrape by on remedial, degrading tasks for a living, leaving the manual labor to automation.

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