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Impact of a Data Classification Standard

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The User Domain is made up of people who access the system on a daily basis because these are the users or people we have to educate hem on how to protect their passwords and critical data for those who will have access to such data. We have an ALGA (Acceptable Use Policy) set in place. We have post around the office reminders of how each employee can assist to protect critical information as well we have enable content filtering to prevent users from downloading files that could be malicious to the infrastructure.

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Impact of a Data Classification Standard
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Workstation Domain are made up of the devices that employee used to connect to the IT Infrastructure with this we must make sure all the tools that are needed to do their jobs must be accessible and secure. The Workstation Domain must e kept as tight as possible without hindering the employee this where they first access the domain at this level also this where the most damage can be done by an employee.

We have again educate our employees that a strong password that they can easily remember and no else can easily figure out also set certain policy on the workstations auto lockout after three attempts and workstation lock after idle for a period of time. We can install antivirus and mallard software to ensure that our workstations are protected and monitored at all times.

The LANA Domain is the one the requires the strongest security because at this level al the hardware and software were are joined together and also this is where the outside world meet the inside world meaning our LANA by connecting to the WAN this were all of our information can become a threat to all types of mallard, viruses and malicious attacks.

This is very close to what call the “Edge” where the switches and routers take residence also where outside users can come through and ripe a hole into the infrastructure. This point should be monitored with the most of security software and constantly being updated and patched.

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