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Importance of standards and protocols in networks Essays

A protocol is the set of rules used when computers communicate. In this report I am going to explain the importance of protocols and standards. Network standards and protocols are necessary because different people use different networks therefore they need to have a common platform to communicate to each other. The standards and protocols are like languages – you have to understand them and be able to speak them to communicate effectively. A protocol sets the fundamental rules which allow data to be shared between computers. A standard works alongside the protocols making sure that the hardware is compatible amongst similar computers. The open system interconnect (OSI) mdel has seven layers for communication and network protocols. The layers consist of presentation, application, session, transport, data, network and physical. These standards are the platform from which computers communicate. During this communication certain rules must be followed by the sender and the recipient for the communication to be successful. A protocol is the rules that computers follow when communicating therefore the standards of the network.

For the communication to be successful two devices need to communicate the same way –with the same language or code- for the communication to be successful. If both devices are not following the same protocol then the communication won’t be successful due to the fact that both devices won’t understand each other. It is a bit like language barriers between people talking – if you don’t understand the language the person communicating to you is talking in you won’t understand what they are trying to communicate it is the same with computers. If there are no standards then there would be no order as people would be able to do what they wanted. This could lead to someone designing a webpage that is not compatible with other computers. Standards role is to stop problems like that occurring and they are designed d by the W3C. Without standards communication would become very challenging.

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