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In Fifty Years

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In Fifty Years

            Fifty years from now, there is no doubt that the world has changed in ways many people would not even try to imagine. Humans have a very curious nature and they have the urge to discover constantly things and ways to improve their way of life. Change is also something that most people welcome because they do not want to be caught up in life doing the same thing repeatedly.

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In Fifty Years
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            In terms of environmental change, I believe that the world would be in a much worse state compared to the present situation, especially if people do not take responsibilities for their actions.

The public does not really grasp the possibility that there might come a time when people would not have a place to live because of all the garbage that they have created, which causes the planet to deteriorate. However, because humans have the capacity to build great things, there might be hope in that 50 years from now, they might be able to create something that would help our numerous environmental problems.

            At this time, the world of technology is at its best and will probably improve even better after 50 years. We might not live to see “The Jetsons” by that time but I can see that our lives would be ruled by machines and technology that would make our lives much easier. This would be seen in the field of business where companies would not have to worry about time and space because technology would allow them to communicate in a much faster way.

            I believe that the field of government would have a dramatic change because people who would be in offices by that time are the youth today who have much better perspectives in life and are equipped with the knowledge of technology. Lastly, I think that relationships between family members would suffer because we would be dominated by technology and gadgets that would lessen the time for physical interaction and oral communication.

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