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e must look deeply into its origin and true meaning. Where do we get all laws and standards of living? Religion is a very broad and difficult thing to decode. There are so many different beliefs and laws that cultures abide by, startrting at any one subject would lead me right back to the question, where does our worship derive from?Ra Un Neffer Amen explains a very relevant fact that religious doctrines and systems cannot be understood in a vacuum. They cannot be separated from the social environments that produce them. This is the problem that we run into constantly when we practice our own beliefs in every day life. People begin to separate from the social norm just because. Freedom to choose who and what you worship always gives birth to cults that have some twisted but some time believable laws of worship and people who just do not believe.

What we may find normal may be strange to these different religious groups; it all depends on your perception of the words being stated. some of us find the idea of sacrificing our selves to the Lord a little far fetched others think this is a completely normal part of worship (Sutton137).

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There are no laws set that anyone has come across that state that you must be apart of any one denomination. This is why we in society today have so many divisions in religion. Nicholas states in his book that religion is originally used to lead people down the right paths and to help people with the choice that they make in their everyday life. The circumstances that we face in America due to the freedom of religion are complete chaos. Different religions have this I’m right and your wrong mentality which is absurd, especially if we all are suppose to be of the same entity. For example the Protestants and the Popists. These different sects go to the extreme of name calling over a belief.

It all boils down to your morals, how you were raised, and your culture to determine what sect of religious faith you become. No matter where you were raised or taught though god is all seeing and all knowing; this fact is stated in the bible so how can we begin to separate the faith and tun the subject of religion into wars and hate. To understand more about religion we must first look at some of the lies that have been told to us throughout history. The many stories of the Bible have truth in all of them, but also expect some untruth intertwined with the scripture also.

There are so many different thing found in the bible that people are using today and really don’t know the true meaning of the of the signs and symbols of which there organization derived.

First we need to look at the deception at the Garden of Eden. The Devil uses camouflages to keep his worship hidden. The first camouflage he used to deceive Adam and Eve became eventually one of the most sacred symbols of sun worship, a serpent! Instead of the serpent as being a symbol of satin and deception, as the Bible instructs, the serpent became the symbol of the “Great Benefactor and Healer” of mankind. The serpent was worshiped as the “God of Healing” and “Life-Restorer, represented as a serpent entwined on a stick, staff, or stock of a tree. Here we find the origin of the strange symbol that the American Medical Association uses today two serpents entwined on a staff referring back to the meaning of the “God of healing” and “The Life-Restorer”. (Sutton 37).

Each Nation has its own beliefs of Religion due to the translation of the Bible (Amen 165). We can see that this has caused much confusion about the true meaning of good and evil forces that surround us day by day. Is it that things are reversed due to mans own doing, or is it due to some evil force that wants one to follow it instead of righteousness? You really have to analyze each situation in life, and ask your self what influences me to do what I do? If it is not purely good with any evil intentions then you made the right choice. If you have second thoughts about your decision, then you know that you made the wrong choice. This is what society deems to be right but is it actually true. Do you wonder sometimes that where does religion actually come from? This is a question that you can ask fifty different people and get fifty different answers. I was brought up with the Baptist belief that God sent his only son to earth to sacrifice his life for the rest of our sins. From the age of six all the way until I was seventeen, I believed in the traditional way of religion. One day I asked myself where does this belief come from? Time went past and for some reason I began to meet people with the same questions as mine.

Seek and you shall find is the only law you can live by to get any type of answers. I began to get many different reasons for what I was asking, basically who, what, when, where, and why? I never once doubted there is a God who watches over all human beings, who is purely good with no evil at all in his teachings, on the contrary, there is an evil force that tries to corrupt the truth of life its self.The main concern is where are the guidelines of what we call the right way of living.”The definition of religion is, The Latin prefix “re,” meaning “again, back,” + “ligare,” meaning ” tie, bind, fasten,” as well as the Indo-European root “leg,” meaning “to collect,” from whence the Greek “legein,” and the Latin “legre,” meaning “logic,” and “legal.” From this we can conclude that the word religion in today’s belief is aimed at tying people back to something, with which they originally been one and belong with by natural connectivity. The original oneness is implied by the prefix “re” (back again), and the natural connectivity is explicit in the root meaning “law, and logic.”” According to the contents of religion we can see the meaning of this word due to its components was not to be opposed to reason and logic’s, which are the foundation of science, and philosophy. But the word, without referring to its etymology, has, in the manner it is used, no definite meaning, because it does not designate what religion a man is of. There is the religion of the Chinese, of the Hebrews, of the Jews, etc. The word Christianity is equally as vague as the word Religion. No two sectaries can agree what it is. The two principal sectaries, Popists and Protestants, have cut each others throat throughout history over the meaning of Christianity. The Popists call the Protestants heretics, and the Protestants call the Popists Idolaters. Preaching damnation against each other is the only thing the sectaries can do to gain an edge on their beliefs. With respect to the term “Natural Religion,” it is upon the face of it, the opposite of artificial religion, and it is impossible for any man to be certain that what is called revealed religion is not artificial. Man has the power of making books, inventing stories of God, and calling them revelation, or the Word of God. The Koran exists as an instance that this can be done, and we must be credulous indeed to suppose that this is the only instance, and Mohammed the only imposter. The Jews could match him, and the Church of Rome could over match the Jews.

Books, whether Bibles or Koran’s, carry no evidence of being the work of any other power than man. It is only that which man cannot do that carries evidence of being the work of a superior power. Man could not invent and make a universe — he could not invent nature, for nature is of divine origin. It is the laws by which the universe is governed. When, therefore, we look through nature up to natures God, we are in the right road of happiness, but when we trust in books as the word of god, and confide in them as revealed religion, we are afloat on an ocean of uncertainty, and shatter into contending factions, the term, therefore, natural religion, explains itself to be divine religion, and the term revealed religion involves in it the suspicion of being artificial.Due to the conflicting views and issues about religion, it is very hard for me living in a world ruled by sciences and opinion to believe that what we learn in church is absolute all correct. There is truth to what is being taught, but you have to dig so deep to find answers. So how can we as children of a higher being even begin to question let alone fight Holy wars over the word of the father? Something is seriously wrong, and needs to be addressed to the masses to stop the evil forces from corrupting the present and future generations of people before it is too late.

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