Subject: UT9 pipe wrenches complaint

Subject: ut9 pipe wrenches complaint

I wish to bring to your attention complaints that we have received about our UT9 line of wrenches.

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We received a complaint about malfunction of this line of wrenches from one of our retailers in Millersville  where the wrenches’ handled snapped when subjected to pressure. One incident led to injury.

I took up the matter with Araya Trevas from the marketing department who indeed have received several other complaints about the snapping of the wrench handle but have decided not to look into. I further talked to Kyla Wallace, one of our engineers and while she admitted that there was a problem with our previous model, the UT903, the faults were fixed and the new model, the UT904 meets all ANSI standards.

 I believe the matter warrants further investigation. A detailed look into the orders going out of the warehouse as well as a thorough retesting of the new model would be in the company’s best interest in retaining its customer base and protecting the company from litigation.

Thank you.

United Tools

20 Central Avenue

Dover, TX 76104

July 27th 2010,

Mr. Chel Thomas

Handee Hardware, Inc.

Millersville, AL 61304


This is a response to your letter dated November 4, 2009 extending complaints about our line of 9” wrenches.

United tool would like to extend its sincere regrets and apologies to the inconveniences the tool malfunction has caused you and your customers.

The 9” Wrenches came in two series, the UT903 model had a few design flaws that were swiftly corrected in the new model, the UT904. It is my belief that you still stock the old model. If so then United Tools is ready replace your entire remaining stock as well as replace the damaged wrenches of your complaining customers with the new UT904 model. We are currently planning a rigorous retesting of the new model to ensure it is completely safe for under any circumstances.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Russ Ong.

Customer Service Department.

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