Incentives for Charitable Acts – Argument on an Argument

We live in a world of opportunity. Everyone deserves an opportunity, but, unfortunately, not everybody gets one. For those who are less fortunate, receiving donations may be the only way they get by in life. There are many high schools, clubs and organizations that sponsor charity drives in exchange for incentives. The fact that such events are helping those who are in need makes it clear that people can be good, but that sometimes they just need to be persuaded a little.

Offering incentives in exchange for charitable acts is a great way to help a cause and have both the receiving and giving ends benefit. Some may argue that it sends a morally wrong message, but what they don’t understand is that it is not about what the people on the giving side receive, it’s about helping those in need. In today’s world very few are morally obligated to donate to a good cause, and if giving incentives is the only way to attract these people, then there is nothing wrong with such an act of reciprocation.

These organizations have the right to take any step necessary to help the needy. Today, people have grown exceptionally self-centered and egoistical. People have an animal instinct to be praised for their good deeds and acts of kindness. At blood drives, when they offer cookies and a t-shirts people don’t turn them down because they are proud of their good acts and they want everyone else to see what a good person they are. Certain people will not do anything if there is some kind of risk to it. They need incentives to maintain the balance of their “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” mentality.

Charitable work is charitable work no matter what angle you are looking at it from. If people need to be offered incentives in exchange for an act of kindness that can help a person in need, then let it be. It is not about the morality of receiving the incentives; it is about the morality of offering help to a good cause. People are good inside and if they need to be persuaded a little in order to bring that part of them out, then a little extra credit, or even tax deductions, shouldn’t hurt anyone; but it will benefit the ones who really need it most.

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