Individual Reflection After a Group Video Project

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During my third year at the Sino British college when I was studying business management in Shanghai, we got to do a group video project introducing our university “The Sino British college” and the city of “Shanghai”. This was my first time working on a video project but as I had a bit more experience than my teammates with photography, I offered myself to film and edit the video.

The first weeks we met a couple of times to brainstorm and to make sure all our ideas will be projected on the video, one of our cool ideas was to interview people in the streets asking them how they feel about Shanghai and how is their life here, we thought it would be something unique and it would give the video more quality content.

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When it came to the filming part, we divided the locations that were shown in the video and agreed to film those parts individually. After filming our individual parts, we met to film the interviews together. We decided that East Nanjing road was a great place for it as it’s very touristic and at night the city lights are gorgeous. We had a lot of fun when filming the interviews, we thought there were going to be a lot of foreigners but we actually didn’t find as many as we thought we would.


I was a bit worried because I’ve never edited a video before and I didn’t want to disappoint my teammates, I wanted it to look great. I feel like all of us had different ideas on what to project on the video but after meeting the first time we brainstormed, we wrote it down and we gave each other tasks which made everything easier. I liked that we all agreed very easily and got along well and at the end, our video turned out to be great. I really enjoyed the experience and how my teammates were so supportive, helping out and giving me feedback for the editing part. I think we all collaborated and did our best to make this video look good, I’m very happy with the results.


The video editing was extremely challenging for me. However, I am content that my teammates were so helpful. I’ve too have learned from this experience that is important to be more concise with time and to not leave everything for the last minute. I underestimated the time it took me to edit the video, next time, I know now maybe things that seem simple are not and I need to be more focused.


University life requires you to take ownership of your academic progression as never before. Alex Drury (2016) in association with the Counselling Service for the University of Manchester states that time management and procrastination are related. He recommends managing our time effectively, as it would help us to feel in control of our workload, increase our productivity and improve our confidence. This applies to my own practice as a student to be able to enjoy a healthy balance between studying and other activities


Looking back on this project, I can see that I should have started sooner with the editing. I can see now that my inaction during the first weeks put me and my team running at last minute, I need to develop my effective planning skills and to prioritize my tasks. I realized how important timing is, especially when working in a team project the aim is to use everyone’s time to the best advantage.

Action plan

In the future, I will aim to develop my time management skills when working with classmates, in order to ensure we get everything done right and on time. In our next project, I will make this a goal for my academic development, and I will make sure to work out on myself for how I can achieve my goal and stop postponing tasks.

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