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Industrial Revolution: Technological Advancements and Poverty Essays

Revolution In the late 18th century, the Industrial Revolution sprang up in Great Britain and would soon spread to other countries. There was much technological advancements that aroused during this time that changed how the world produced its goods. Steam power was the most important of these advancements being able to replace work from human and animals. With new fuels like coal and petroleum to use in the new steam engines many industries were able to produce quicker goods. Inventions of a railway system and the steamboat had made transportation of products faster on land and sea.
With more knowledge of sanitation and medical treatment the average life span was increased and fewer children died. The telegraph helped made communication around the globe much easier with it being faster to talk to one another. With John Kay’s flying shuttle had sped up weaving since one person could handle a wide loom more rapidly than two people could ever before. This made production in the textile industry increase dramatically. However, with all the coal the factories were using had increased air pollution and depleted many natural resources.
Poverty was common because people were driven to work in the cities and the cities could not support the amount of people they had. Most factory workers had to work long hours that did not pay much money. Child labor was induced during the Industrial Revolution since they could work for cheaper pay (Hackett); (“Michigan State University”). Works Cited Hackett, Lewis. “Industrial Revolution. ” International World History Project. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Oct 2012. . “Industrial Revolution. ” Michigan State University. Michigan State University. Web. 25 Oct 2012. .

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