Influential Person: My Beloved Mother

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My mother has reached many obstacled in her lifetime. Since I was a little girl, her love for me has made me a better person. She has showed me the importance of an education, having faith in God, the importance of career goals, my appearance and my attitude. My mother knows how important these life choices are and have taught me that if I continue to follow them, I will be very successful in life. Education has been very important in my household.

My mother has implanted this in not only me, but also my siblings. Making good grades in school since I was in grade school was always her number one priority. She always told me to do my best and thats all she could ask for. Her believing in me motivated me to believe in myself. My mother was a graduate of Ensley High School. She went on to Miles College where sshe received a Bachelors Degree in Social Working. My mother kept the belief that in order for me and my brothers and sisters to succeed, she had to continue hereducation so that she could be a role model for us to look up to.

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Her success in education as motivated me tremendously. Having faith in God have always been my mother’s belief. This was implanted in her from my grandmother and grandfather. She taught me that God can help me through anything. She made sure that I was baptized when I was a little girl. My mothertaught me how to pray and read the bible. She always told me that as I grow up in life, always allow God to guide me down the right path. If I stumble along the way, God will always pick me up. Through all of her stumbles, God has picked her up and made her who she is today.

I admire my mother for continuing to talk about God and making me know how important he is in my life. My mother career goals were very successful. She always told me to get a high school diploma and then a degree. This is exactly what she did. My mother has a great job and is very proud. Her going back to college motivated me to go back. I attended college before but I did not finish. I ended up getting a dead end job that paid minimal wage. This did not sit well at all with my mother. She told me that I was not sticking to my goals and that I should sit down and reevaluate my life.

My mother showed me how imporatant college is. I know now that without a college degree, I will not find a good paying job. My mother definitely made me put my career goals back on track and to her I am thankful. My mother has a great appearance and attitude. She dresses neat everyday and always starts her day with a smile and a greeting. ” Always be polite”, she tells me. When my mother enters a room, the entire room lights up. She has always told me that appearance is everything especially when I am trying to get a job.

My mother believes that a nice appearance, a great smile, and knowledge from an education will get me a great job in the future. In conclusion, my mother has been a great role model in my life. She has influenced me to make good life choices. The impact that my mother have on my life will give me the courage to motivate my own children some day. She is my greatest admirer because she never gives up on life and lives each day like its her last. She is truely a strong woman and I love her very much.

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