David is the most influential king of Israel

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David’s story begins with his powerful growth from a modest upbringing as a meaningless shepherd in his father’s home to the influential king over all Israel in Jerusalem. Through it all, we see Yahweh supporting him, and consistently see experiences turning out in David’s favor. Before David came into control as Israel’s king, he had some troublesome times. As the youngest son of eight, he would be forced to do most of the undesired chores. His older brothers did not respect him, and they treated him very harshly. When the selection for Israel’s king was made, David wasn’t even in attendance. After he was sanctified as Israel’s next king and had conquered Goliath, he had to escape from Saul who desired to maintain his power by murdering his replacement.

These would become some of David’s most problematic days while hiding from Saul, but he also found great joy in the little things. During this time David was able to overcome the fear of danger and how to skillfully battle. He also came to depend on God and to cherish His Word. He would also develop close friendships and alliances with others and quickly learned reverence and submission, even when his life was deeply treacherous.

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The following three examples are vital times during David’s rise to become the most influential king of Israel and how he accurately portrayed being an anointed man of God and an intelligent politician. First, he integrated the tribes of Israel into one nation. He took over an inconsequential union and within a few years he assembled it into an indomitable kingdom. While the kingdom of Israel was under David, it became the most monumental kingdom in the world at the time. Due to his humble beginnings, this is an exceptional triumph for David.

Second, David captured uncontested custody of Israel. King David worked as a military genius, where he restrained the non-Israelite kings and kingdoms in Canaan. He would then secure control over Israel’s most momentous military and the trade routes. Because of this, Israel acquired solitary status for the first time. King David would be in control of all military positions in Israel, all national and local government laws, the state and tribal tax and dividend earnings, sopher’s, and other executives.

Finally, David would merge all of Israelite government under one religious structure. In doing so, he united the inspiration of the new nation. He would place the Ark of the Covenant on Mount Moriah, which would then identify Jerusalem as the main location of spiritual worship.

It took a large amount of power for David to obtain the success he earned while serving as the king of Israel. He accomplished merging the tribes, obtaining control over the country, and uniting the Israelite government together. These achievements would place great authority in the hand of the governmental administrator. It was not common among kings at this time to retain complete jurisdiction in so many administrative and legal affairs. As a king he had strict ruling influences, but it did not explain why his legacy and authority throughout history still remains. David became known as the king who reigned during Israel’s victory and he continues to hold the prestigious reputation as the most influential king of Israel.

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