Influential Leaders of Air Force

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1. The most influential leader in my military career to date would be . He stands out in my mind in various ways, such as job knowledge, leadership skills, and supervisory skills. I have shadowed ever since I was a young Airman, because of his profound knowledge, and desire to teach me to complete tasks legitimately. He demonstrates key leadership skills both on and off duty by exceeding the standards and setting the bar for Airman and NCOs alike. 2. My opinion about leadership is that without good leadership there would be no infrastructure.

If we didn’t have leadership people would just do what they wanted and organizations would crumble. The Air Force would fall would along with the nation. Leaders are a vital part of the Air Force in every way, without them we wouldn’t be the world’s greatest Air Force. 3. A positive experience I have had with a leader would have to be when I was learning the basics of maintenance. Without my supervisor I wouldn’t have been able to digest the knowledge to fix F-15’s sufficiently. My supervisor on my first day took me out on the flight line and had me open up the Technical Order.

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He went over it with me pointing out key things to pay attention to, but also other areas that aren’t mentioned that I should be aware of as well. It’s because of that I started out on the right foot and right path to be a successful Airman. He taught me how to strive to be a supervisor and a leader like himself, so that when I progress in rank I will know that the Airman behind me are given the tools to succeed. 4. Leadership plays a giant role in my life and in my military career.

In my life without leadership I couldn’t have done anything and been anywhere whether it be successful or unsuccessful. My parents taught me to be a leader sternly, but they gave me the freedom to be successful instead of just giving me all the freedom in the world, which could have landed me in jail, or even dead on the streets. In my military career leadership has always played an important role. In the military you need good leadership or things would just be out of hand. Things wouldn’t have any order, organization, or structure, which are the basis of military foundation.

The leadership I have followed in the military has been good and bad, but gave me the tools necessary to become a successful leader. 5. Leadership will play a vital role when I become an NCO. In the same way that the NCO tier is the core of the Air Force in developing frontline supervisors and knowledgeable technicians. If I lead the right way hopefully my airman will want to follow in my footsteps, and strive to be a good leader, frontline supervisor, and into a successful NCO. Overall being a good leader will help me to develop young airman, and ensure the Air Force has good leaders going into the future.

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