Information Literacy and Communication Skills

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The concept of “Information Literacy” pertains to the abilities necessary for collecting, evaluating, analyzing, and applying information in our everyday lives. As the amount of accessible information expands, our proficiency in this domain also enhances. Nevertheless, there is a contention that suggests the obsolescence of information literacy.

Constantly, new discoveries arise and old techniques are replaced with fresh ones. Consequently, it is essential for us to stay abreast of modern methods of information literacy, to remain up-to-date, comprehensive, and knowledgeable. At Zayed University, information literacy has been a fundamental principle since the university’s inception. Various eras have transpired, such as the Ice age, the Bronze Age, and now the Information Age.

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The “information age” is characterized by the rapid growth of information production, consumption, and sources. It is closely connected to technology as technological advancements rely on data. Information literacy is essential in the majority of job roles, with only a small portion involving unskilled manual labor or menial tasks.

In today’s global society, information literacy and information technology play a vital role. Students cannot realistically expect to gain all the necessary knowledge for their chosen field of study solely during college. Information literacy equips us with essential skills that enable us to become independent lifelong learners. Ultimately, being information literate signifies having the capacity to learn.

The American Library Association Presidential Committee on Information Literacy (January 10, 1989, Washington, D.C.) states that individuals who comprehend the organization of knowledge have the ability to find and utilize information in a manner that enhances learning for others. Such individuals possess lifelong learning skills as they can locate the required information for any task or decision.

Information literacy skills are crucial in helping individuals efficiently and effectively find information when they need it. Zayed University’s Library exemplifies this by serving as a gateway to information. It provides guidance on the research process, including finding, evaluating, and utilizing information through a step-by-step approach.

The significance of having trust in the authenticity and pertinence of the content we discover cannot be emphasized enough. It is essential for making informed choices and producing top-notch products. Despite seeming intimidating, Information Literacy is a critical skill that students need to acquire as it provides them with an insight into the research process. By obtaining these skills, we are laying the foundation for success in our future endeavors.

Both college students and professionals require information literacy, which plays a crucial role in personal and professional decision-making. It enhances our capacity to make well-informed choices in various domains like property purchase, educational institution selection, employee recruitment, financial investments, electoral participation, and more. The volume of available information is rapidly increasing while technology advances to manage and access this ever-expanding data pool. As a student, I experienced the need for reliable information when conducting research for my Marketing and Advertising presentation.

During my Communications class, I demonstrated the process of searching for and assessing various websites. In this assignment, we were tasked with evaluating five given websites and our grading depended on our evaluations. To enhance efficiency, we utilized multiple search engines to locate pertinent information. I explored both dependable sources containing valuable content as well as seemingly relevant sources that lacked credibility.

Being able to access information efficiently and effectively is something I am confident in. Additionally, I have the skills necessary to critically evaluate information and utilize it accurately and creatively. These qualities contribute to my identity as an independent learner.

Thanks to my information literacy skills, I can easily access information about my personal interests due to the widespread use of the internet. Being a student majoring in Communication and Media Sciences, I highly appreciate literature and other creative forms of information as they help me expand my understanding within this field. It is essential for me to strive for excellence in information seeking and knowledge generation in order to succeed in this major.

Besides personal benefits, information literacy enables students to make positive contributions to both the learning community and society as a whole. We are also educated about the significance of information in society. Occasionally, news headlines highlight incidents involving hackers, embezzlement, and other crimes committed by individuals with extensive knowledge of information literacy. It is crucial to emphasize that our university promotes the use of ethical practices in all aspects of our education.

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