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In the film, In Search Of Excellence, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman give viewers an inside look at some amazingly successful organizations. They present to the viewers what makes a successful business with outstanding customer service. From Tom Peters and Robert Watermans viewpoint, successful businesses and customer service begins with quality staff and excellent customer care. Management effectiveness, business strategy, and structure all play a role in making an organization flourish. Peters and Watermans supposition of management effectiveness plays a critical role in successful organizations. Management effectiveness leads to knowledgeable, happy employees; which in turn, leads to happy customers. The intensity, enthusiasm, and proper training of staff members give the potential for businesses to attract customers. As viewed on the film, Disney World, Stew Leonards Dairy, and McDonalds, all focus on this aspect. The proper training of staff gives them the necessary preparation to understand what exactly their role is, educates them on their importance in making the organization function, and aides them in understanding better how to please the customer. Without customers, you have no business; therefore, customer satisfaction is the key to the growth of a business.

In addition, business strategy and structure is another important aspect of having a successful organization. The approach that each organization takes may be different, but, it is what works that counts. In the film we are able to see different effective strategies and structures of organizations. For example, 3M considers every manager as an entrepreneur to help hearten new product development, and, Dana Corporation uses consultation rather then confrontation among staff which increases productivity for that organization. The internet has aided businesses in increasing sales and gaining new customers. The internet offers businesses a new medium to promote their businesses, to sell their products and services, and also to provide customer service. The internet allows customers to get a peek at the products or services offered to them from the comfort of their own home. The internet is a positive business aid that allows organizations to extend communications with their customers.

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Two companies from the film that are still models of success today are Disney World and Leonards Dairy. Both of these companies have accessible web sites on the internet. On these web sites you can find many of interesting resources that each company offers. On Disney Worlds site,, they offer the public access to information such as corporate information, investor information, their community commitment, business information, and career information. It also provides much information on the resorts, their cruise line, and the featured attractions inside their four parks; The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneys MGM Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom. This site even offers off-site vacation destination information and much, much more. Disney World is still a model of success due to the hard work that goes into guiding and training their staff to understand that a commitment to quality and customer care is vital for success. And, through the years, they have proven this to be true.At, the public can gain access to much information such as company information, upcoming events, news, specials, recipes, catering services, customer service information, careers, kids stuff, and they even have an on-line suggestion box. It is clearly evident that the passion for their customers has maintained the success of their business. At the time when the video was created, Stew Leonards only had one location. Presently, through their continued success, they now have four locations. This video shows the viewers that organizations can be exciting and meaningful places to be, filled with the potential for great results and enormous impacts. This video gets viewers thinking about what they need to do to carry out business basics better than their competitors. In addition, it helps viewers come up with ground-breaking ideas that can change businesses. This was an enjoyable video that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in any aspect of the business world.

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