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Integrated Circuit Technology

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The transistor replaced the scum tubes and made them a better alternative because transistor much smaller and consumed significantly less power making the computer faster and more efficient. 4. The integrated circuit(LLC) was invented in the late sass. 5. Moor’s law state that each time a new chip was developed, it contained roughly twice as much capacity as its predecessor and each chip was released 18 to 24 months of the previous chip. 6. Intel, Microsoft and MAD are the prime developers of PC technology.

7. Apple used proprietary hardware and software signs that it was unwilling to license to other companies. . Microsoft controls the operating systems and it uses it as leverage to also control other types of PC software. 9. Compact and phoenix software legally duplicated it IBM PC BIOS software by an ingenious form of reserve engineering. They had two groups of engineers, the second group have never seen IBM BIOS code. The first group wrote a detailed description of what it did.

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Integrated Circuit Technology
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The second group read the description given by the first group and wrote a new BIOS from scratch that did everything the first group had described. 0.

Intel controls the PC hardware standard because it controls the PC motherboard and most of the components on it. 11. A ‘White Box” is a generic PC assembled from a collection of industry-standard, commercially available components. The industry standard components are fully interchangeable making them perfect for future upgrades or repairs. Moor’s Law Article 1. Fine is a three-dimensional transistor 2. Gordon Moor’s Law states that each time a new chip is develop it contains roughly twice as much capacity as its predecessor. 3. The transistor gates are the electrodes responsible for switching the device on and off. . The transistor gate length is directly linked to switching speed. 5. Impurities were added to alter the crystal, which had the effect of boosting speed without changing the physical dimensions of the transistor. 6. Each wire requires a sheath containing barrier material to prevent the metal from leaching into surrounding material as well as insulation to prevent it from interacting with neighboring wires. 7. From what I have seen in the past 20 years I think Moor’s law is actually speeding up and is not very likely for it to end.

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