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An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Majestic Monarch Corporation Submitted to The Marketing Department College of Commerce and Business Administration University of Santo Tomas In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management By: Corre, Ian Paolo Manzo, Eugene Kaye Reyes, Michelle Ann Ty, Dempster Regan 4M5 November 4, 2012 I. Proposed product Today we live in world wherein almost everything is available in the market. Companies make products and soon after others will try to at least copy or mimic the product.

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Our consumers want variety in any product. They need a wide range of products to choose from or else, they will be fed up with the same product and might switch to your competitor. By the use of the Usage, Attitude and Image (UAI) Survey, the researchers came up for a new product extension, the bacon bits hotdog. The researchers have found out that 24% of the respondents answered new product extension in the question “What kind of hotdog which is not available today would you want to see in the market? ” The remaining 76% answered completely different suggestions.

Since Majestic Monarch Unlimited Corp. as created a name in the processed meat manufacturing industry and have started the Seven Kids hotdog brand, the researchers want to introduce new flavors that might be a hit to the target market. They want to launch a new product variety wherein eating your ordinary bacon wrapped in hotdog will be hassle free and less messy called the bacon hotdog. This new product will not be just your ordinary hotdog, it has bacon bits made from the same manufacturer and it is made with highly natural products. A. Product concept Imagine your much-loved bacon wrapped hotdogs can now be easily eaten without being messy and it’s hassle free?

Your favorite hotdog now contains bacon bits and will retail for P135. 00 packed per kilo. 1. Product Depiction (including packaging and labeling) B. Target market 1. Geographic – People residing in NCR (National Capital Region) 2. Demographic – Male and female with ages of 15-40 years old 3. Psychographic – On-the-go individuals; mostly single; some are average income households; who loves high quality and tasty food. 4. Buyographic – with the tendency to spend or with high disposable income; people employed in business process outsourcings C. Proposed positioning Quality Product Creates Excellent Food” Majestic Monarch Unlimited Corp. (previously known as Asia Food Canning Manufacturing) has been in the meat manufacturing business since 1992 and has established a name in the industry. The company’s selected positioning for the brand is considered ideal for the following reasons: The products of Majestic Monarch are from carefully selected and formulated raw materials to manufacture excellent sausages, cold cuts, bacon, and other meat delicacy. Backed by product development, adjustments are undertaken as defined by customer preferences and specifications.

Given these things, the product positioning is seen to best fit the image that the product is depicting to the market. II. Marcom objectives for the first year 1. For Majestic Monarch’s products to be purchased by the consumers in groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailer stores. A. Awareness Reach Our products are usually purchased only at the place where it is processed or delivered to the customer’s house or office. As our company’s way of expanding we would also like to distribute it into places where in our customers may be able to buy it easily, anytime and anywhere.

Also this is another way for our brand and product to be known in the market. Frequency As this kind of method where in it is distributed to places where customers can easily buy it starts it will no longer end but just continue distributing it to other places that can reach more and more customers. Unless it is not really patronize by the customers that is the only time that it will stop distributing. Weight This has a big impact on the company since this is a big step for the company to be known by a lot of people and for the company to have income when the customer patronizes their product. B.

Trial rate As said earlier when this process of distributing it in places where the customers can buy it easily starts it will not end unless the product is not patronized by the customers. 2. This is for the company to have a restaurant or cafe in which they will cater their products as the dishes in their menu. A. Awareness Reach This company’s objective is to cater to those people who wants to try their products but not buy a whole pack and just purchase per dish. In this way it can help customers choose their favorite products and then eventually buy the processed products and bring it to their homes.

Frequency As this kind of business starts to operates and continues to do well they will continue operating but if within 3 months it is not gaining anything they will just close it and continue with just their processed meat business. Weight This helps to those new customers to push or urges them buy our products in a way that if they will be able to taste our dishes they will know what kind of processed meat to buy that our company is offering. B. Trial rate This will last for about 3 months but if people continuously patronizing the cafe or restaurant it can continue to operate. . To also distribute not just in Metro Manila but also in other provinces. A. Awareness Reach Our company would also like to introduce our products to those that are not from Metro Manila that’s why are company would also distribute to areas in the provinces so that we can cater to other people in other areas. Frequency If it is successfully patronize in the provinces we will continue distributing it in the provinces but if not we will just distribute within Metro Manila. Weight

This has a big impact on the company since this is a big step for the company to be known by a lot of people and for the company to have income when the customer patronizes their product. B. Trial rate It will continue as long as people from the provinces patronize it but if not it will stop distributing in the provinces and just in the areas where it is being bought. 4. To tie up with more hotels and other establishments. A. Awareness Reach Our company is known to work with other hotels, restaurants and caterers that serve our processed meat as part of their menus.

Majestic Monarch would like to tie up with other hotels or establishments other than our usual clients so that it will reach more people and help our company to be known by others and in the industry. Frequency This will continue to happen as long as the “partnership” is stated in the contract where in the 2 parties have agreed into. Weight This has a big impact on the company since tying up with known establishments will help boost the products brand awareness and also the income of the company. B. Trial rate It will just end if the contract between the 2 parties has ended. . For the company and products to have advertisement through printed or electronic media. A. Awareness Reach Advertising our product thru media will be a great help in a way that our product will be known by others who were unaware before with our brand. The customers will now be aware with our products, recognize it and recall it. Frequency The advertisements thru media and print ads will run for about 2 to 3 months and then after sometime a new plot of commercial and print ad will be presented that will also run for about 2 to 3 months. Weight

This will help a lot in letting or products be known by a lot of people and that will push the customers to patronize our products in the market. B. Trial rate Advertising our products will run for 2 to 3 months and after sometime a new kind of commercial and print ad will be presented that will also run for about 2 to 3 months. 6. To sponsor events that will help us push our brand and products to be known by everyone. A. Awareness Reach Since our product is just new in the market sponsoring events will help us for our product will be known by promoting it during the events and by just simply sponsoring an event.

Frequency This kind of promotion is really expensive and since we are just new in the market this must only run for a month or two. As time goes by and our products are successfully patronized by people sponsoring events can still be possible but not too much. Weight This will help in the brand awareness since sponsoring it would mean promoting and advertising our products. B. Trial rate This is an expensive way of promoting our products that’s why it will just run for about a month or two. IV. Advertising plan A. Historical brand advertising

Few years ago the company tried giving flyers and brochures but only to old clients and some potential customers. This made the brand more known but only to few but not by the public. The popularity of the brand only spreads through word of mouth. B. Historical choice of media The historical media the company chose is only giving brochures and flyers. C. Proposed advertising strategy Flyers and brochures This will be given in leading supermarkets, these materials will help give more information about the new product, where to find it, and other products offered.

Posters The posters will be posted in supermarkets and some wet markets. This will boost the awareness of the new product. Advertising in grocery carts Grocery Carts are ideal for the advertising of the company, since it will be new to consumers, it is best that consumers will see the new product while shopping. Magazine Advertising This will be placed on a magazine that caters to the same target market of the new product. This will help promote the company products and boost awareness. Transit Advertising

The delivery trucks with advertisements on it will further give awareness to the public, this is also a way to save budget for advertising but is an efficient way to advertise our product. F. Proposed Marcom activities 1. Media Advertising (Sponsoring/Tying-up with food related tv shows) With “Seven Kids Hotdog in CHARGE: It’s the Bits that makes you eat” as the voice of all forms of advertisement, this marketing plan shall present the Seven kids hotdog pack as the people’s best friend in satisfying their hunger and cravings for bacon and hotdog taste .

Seven Kids bacon bits hotdog will be in charge in making consumers to taste the bacon more because the bacon bits can be found inside the hotdog. By the initial stage of this campaign, Majestic Monarch will entrust the people to eat bacon hotdogs which will be branded as an economical and convenient food not only for kids but for everyone. This marketing plan shall be ambitious as it will strive to dominate the psychographics of the target market, and soon achieve brand preference and loyalty. In order to sustain advertising appearances, we will have sponsorship/tying-up with food related tv shows. CHEFBOYLOGRO Kusina Master” is an example of the tv shows our company want to tie up. Execution: For any network (ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5 etc. ) food tv shows, one of the menus of the show will use Seven Kids Bacon Bits Hotdog as a recipe of the food. When the Seven Kids Bacon Bits Hotdog will be use, packaging image of the bacon bits will be flashed at the screen. After putting the product in the menu, the host will pronounce “Thanks to Seven Kids Bacon Bits Hotdog, kasiiii…. It’s the bit that makes you eat”. 2. Magazine Advertising

Ads will be placed in magazines like Men’s Health Magazine, Cany Maganzine, Urban Mom, Yes magazine, which also caters the same target market which are people who belong to class A & B. 3. In-store and Point of Purchasing Advertising this ads will be placed inside the supermarkets like Puregold, SM Supermarket, SM hypermarket, Robinsons’ supermarket, Rustans’ Supermarket, S & R it will be placed at the side of the grocery baskets and pushcars, a banner at the to of refrigertor and a product stand near the entrance of the store.

Collateral Used: 4. Transit Advertising Mobile ads can serve as a moving advertisement and can probably reach our target market. We will have our delivery trucks arond Metro Manila. Collateral Used: 5. Fliers These will be distributed around metro manila to inform them about the new product of Majestic Monarch Unlimited Corporation. It will also be given to our loyal clients with the help of our promotion team. Around 30,000 pcs of fliers will be produced and the distribution of fliers will last for three days estimating to distribute 10,000 pcs/day.

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An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan. (2017, Jan 31). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/an-integrated-marketing-communications-plan/

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