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Interest Groups: United States Chamber of Commerce

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While researching interest groups, I found that there are not only hundreds of interest groups that exist around our nation. President Truman described interest groups as an “any group that is based in one or more shared attitudes and makes certain claims upon other groups or organization in the society.” In our nation’s capital, Washington DC, politics represent almost seven thousand interest groups including the US Chamber of Commerce. The US Chamber of Commerce is an advocacy interest group that emerged over one hundred years ago and still remains one of the most prominent interest groups of our nation today.

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Interest Groups: United States Chamber of Commerce
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The United States Chamber of Commerce, also referred to as the USCC, is a Lobbying Group who puts dominant focus on business advocacy and trade association around the America. The USCC is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses. The Chamber is made up of a variety of different businesses anywhere from small local stores to booming corporations.

Although many of the businesses supported by the Chamber are not similar, they all count on the Chamber to represent them at our nations capital, Washington D.C. The USSC spends the most money a year out of any lobbying organization making it the biggest lobbying group in America.According to the Center of Responsive Politics, the Chambers lobbying operation spent $136 million dollars. Currently, The USCC claims 300,000 direct business memberships and 3 million memberships from multiple state and local chamber affiliates. The USCC is composed of lobbyists, policy specialists and lawyers.

The Chamber is politically considered a conservative organization typically meaning that they support the republican party and candidates but, they try to keep a good relationship with both parties for example, The USCC have supported Republican Ronald Regan and Democrat Bill Clinton. Currently, the USCC president does not mention our Democratic current president a lot and rather than referring to him as President Obama, he refers to him as “the president across the street.” The USCC’s mission is to strengthen our economies competitiveness through ten main challenges; education and Workforce, energy and environment, infrastructure, labor, legal reform, capital markets, health care, trade, intellectual property, and economy and taxes. With over 1,500 volunteers from businesses, organizations, councils and many others, they are able to strive to successfully complete their key challenges and develop policies on the problems affecting American business. The Chamber’s position on many issues include supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, corporate globalization, financial regulation and many others. Personally, I believe The United States Chamber of Commerce is one of the most successful and powerful interest groups that exist today. As stated previously, the USCC spent $136 million dollars on lobbying operations. Clearly the group is successful enough to be spending this large amount of money. Another effective tactic that the USCC uses is social media. In our current generation, social media is a big factor when targeting your audience. The USCC has a twitter, Facebook and YouTube account with multiple branch accounts to target the young adult audiences. The USCC seems to be very effective in promoting their goals and purposes.

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Interest Groups: United States Chamber of Commerce. (2016, Oct 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/interest-groups-united-states-chamber-of-commerce/

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