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Re-entry: Prison and Reentry Programs

Many criminals are sent to jail on a day to day basis. Once they have completed their sentence they are faced with many problems once they are “free”. These problems can be but are not limited to housing, employment, and substance abuse. The prisoner, once they are released, has a tendency to go back to …

The World of Prison staff

            The correctional officers commonly known as CO’s are critical employees or staff members in any criminal justice system. They are guided by rules and regulations which aim at ensuring that they do not make faults in their work. Effectiveness is essential as inefficiency would jeopardize the public safety linking the dangerous members of staff …

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Cosmic prison ip

This control 01 was exhibited primarily through leases, as states leased prison systems to private entities. Private entities gene rated profits primarily by using prison labor to manufacture goods or to provide services. As the nineteenth century came to an end, the use of the private sector to ho use prisoners was rapidly declining, and …

Cradle to Prison Pipeline

The cradle to prison pipeline is a campaign that calls all states to stop spending unnecessary money on the effects of the problems resulting from children being arrested, convicted, incarcerated and death; instead placing taxpayer money on the causes of these issues in order to deter the consequences all together. In Texas, the average cost …

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