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Essays on Piracy

Hacking, Piracy and Virus Creation

“In this era of computer advancements and technological breakthroughs Hackers, Computer Pirates and Virus Creators while there actions are similar there motives can differ, Shamus Ford reports. ” In today’s society computer crimes such as Hacking, Computer Piracy and Virus Creation are on the rise. The internet is the most common place computer crimes occur …

Impact of Piracy and Relative Legislation on Pc Games Industry of Bangladesh

Piracy in software industry is not a new issue. The illegal copying and redistributing of professional software was practiced globally for a long time. The new addition to this piracy cycle is illegal copying and selling of PC games for profit. USA the biggest computer game producing country is not even out of piracy business. …

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RCMP seizes BBS, Piracy Charges Pending

PiracyOctober 28, 1996Ian SumRecently, The Toronto Star published an article entitled “RCMP seizes BBS,piracy charges pending.” The RCMP have possessed all computer componentsbelonging to the “90 North” bulletin board system in Montreal, Quebec. Theboard is accused of allowing people the opportunity to download (get) commercialand beta (or commercial) software versions. I feel that the RCMP …

BBS Piracy And The Copyright

Recently, The Toronto Star published an article entitled RCMP seizesBBS, piracy charges pending. The RCMP have possessed all computercomponents belonging to the “90 North” bulletin board system in Montreal,Quebec. The board is accused of allowing end-users the opportunity todownload (get) commercial and beta (not marketed, test) software. After a four month investigation, the RCMP seized …

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