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AirBorn By: Kenneth Oppel Short Summary


Words: 570 (3 pages)

Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a huge airship that sails hundreds of feet above the ocean, ferrying wealthy passengers from city to city. It is the life Matt’s always wanted; convinced he’s lighter than air, he imagines himself as buoyant as the hydrium gas that powers his ship. One night he…

Recovery and the Conspiracy of Hope


Words: 919 (4 pages)

Throughout the years, stories on recovery from various regions have been increasingly reported. One of the individuals who have shared her thoughts and experiences is Patricia Deegan (1996). In her story, Deegan’s recovery is being described as how people dealt or cope successfully with their mental illness. In Deegan’s speech, there are full of discoveries…

The Perilous Helen Tavrel – Part Two



Words: 2926 (12 pages)

“I am probably the finest pistol shot in the world,” said the girl modestly, “but the blade is my darling.” She drew her rapier and slashed and thrust the empty air. “You sailors seldom appreciate the true value of the straight steel,” said she. “Look at you with that clumsy cutlass. I could run you…

The Perilous Helen Tavrel — Part Five




Words: 3758 (16 pages)

I stood on the deck of a ship offshore And harked to the awesome and deafening roar Of the ocean waves when they struck the reefs, High tossed on the tide like crested chiefs Whose plumes toss high ‘bove the battling hordes Where leap the lances and flash the swords, And the mighty waves rose…

The Perilous Helen Tavrel — Part Four


Words: 2939 (12 pages)

“After all I have done to keep clean,” she sobbed, “this is too much!  I know I am a monster in the sight of men; there is blood on my hands. I’ve looted and cursed and killed and diced and drunk, till my very heart is calloused. My only consolation, the one thing to keep…

Solomon Kane’s Timeline — Part Two



Words: 3030 (13 pages)

Kane is now twenty-two. The slaying of Essex precipitates and sets his belief in himself as the instrument of God’s vengeance on the wicked and tyrannical. A modern person would say his paranoid tendencies are now full-blown, and REH more than once described Kane’s driven wanderlust and compulsion to avenge cruelty and evil as a…

The Hellbender John A. Murrell




Words: 5379 (22 pages)

Robert E. Howard had a powerful interest in the desperadoes of his native southwest. “I could fill a thick volume of such disconnected bits and still not exhaust my chaotic store,” he wrote to H.P. Lovecraft in June 1931. I’ve found that passion expressed again and again in his letters, and used them for material…

Solomon Kane’s Timeline – Part One


Words: 2259 (10 pages)

1502 — Reuben Kane and Hildred Taferal born in Devon, Reuben in April, Hildred in August. Reuben is the child of poor fisher-folk in the coastal village of Salcombe, Hildred a scion of gentry living in a manor house outside Kingsbridge. Hildred is a younger son; Reuben has two brothers and two sisters. 1511-1516 —…

Chesapeake by James A. Michener Short Summary



Words: 4407 (18 pages)

Voyage Three: 1636 Timothy Turlock- a gross, ferret resembling thief, is sentenced for hanging, however, his mother cries and begs for a different punishment. The judge changes the sentence to seven years as an indenture in Virginia. He was sent from England, on Captain Barstowe’s boat, to the new world. At first he didn’t sell,…

Solomon Kane’s Timeline — Part Three




Spanish Empire

Words: 2534 (11 pages)

1583 — The beginning of “The Moon of Skulls” describes how Solomon Kane comes at last to Negari. He finds Marylin Taferal alive. She is now eighteen. The story describes her as “only a girl, little more than a child” but that may be Kane’s sentimental response. Eighteen was reckoned fully a woman in Elizabethan…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Piracy

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What are the effects of piracy?
In addition to legal consequences, users of pirated or counterfeit software could experience: Exposure to software viruses, corrupt disk or defective software. Inadequate or no product documentation. No warranties.
What is piracy and why is it bad?
The attraction of piracy is due to its anonymity and the ease with which illegal copies of software can be made and distributed. However, every person who makes illegal copies is contributing to the monetary losses caused by piracy.
What is piracy in your own words?
Piracy is plagiarism, and it is legally and morally wrong. Definitions of piracy. the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own. synonyms: plagiarisation, plagiarism, plagiarization. type of: copyright infringement, infringement of copyright.
Why is piracy a crime?
Because a software pirate does not have proper permission from the software owner to take or use the software in question, piracy is the equivalent of theft and is, therefore, a crime.

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