Interview of Parents Who Have Preschool Children

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I, interview one of the parents who have two children attending Preschool every day. This interview last 30 minutes and the parents are nervous when I ask them the questions and they take time to answer the questions back. 1. How and why did you choose the child care provider you are currently using? If not in child care, why not? The parents say the reason why they choose their child care provider is because the provider help for their children when they need it and also help them learn. 2. What are your thoughts and expectations on your child’s development?

They see how much their children are growing everyday and it makes them very happy to know that their kids going to a good child care center. 3. What are your thoughts on becoming a parent? The mom was really happy, excited and scared at the same time; just knowing that she is going to become a mom is the best part. To the father, he is excited for his first child and become a dad for his kids. 4. What are your views on being a parent or parenting before you became a pregnant? Have your views changed since having your child?

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The mom says, yes she have change; she have become a wonderful mom and am more patient when it comes to small things. . What were the parenting styles that were used on you as a child? Do you use the same parenting styles or do you do something different? Why? The mother says, her parents always use the 1, 2, and 3 magic on her so that’s the same style she use for her kids. 6. What did you do to prepare to become parent? (Parenting classes, reading books, ask friends, i. e.? ) She asked a lot of her friends and family questions on what to expect and what to do. Both of the parents also read the books and magazines to help them on parenting. 7. Describe the interactions that you have with your child. How does the child respond/react to these interactions?

They always talk about school and what their child did at school and their child always has a story to tell everyday to them. 8. Describe your child’s temperature? Very sensitive, slow talker and loves school. 9. Describe your discipline strategies? (If any? ) They do the 1, 2, and 3 magic. 10. What are some if the challenges you are now facing as a parent? The most challenges things she says is that their kids all growing up to fast. 11. What are some goals or expectations that you have for your child as they grow up? They both do not have a goal for their kids; everyone grows and learns from their own problems.

Mom says, in her child case they are a great and really good child. 12. Describe the social interaction that your child has with age-like peers. What advice would you offer to other parents? What do you do to take care of yourself now that you are a parent? Their child social interactions with other peers are that they are a very quiet talker and a friend to everyone. Their advice is that everyone has their own teaching strategies but books and asking questions are the way to go. The mother says what to take care of her now is thinking about attending school again and wants to show a good role model to her kids.

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