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Preschool Observation Essay

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Preschool Observation
The preschool years are the prime age for children to develop their three areas of development: biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial. Ages 2 – 6 are considered the early childhood period, preschool period or as the book calls it the play years. During this age, children spend their time developing through experimenting, imagining, learning, and interacting with others.
For the purpose of this study, I observed preschool students ages 3 – 5, at the Travis Air Force Base Child Development Center. I was delighted to spend my Friday (02/26/2010) with the 24 students in Mrs.

Kelli and Mrs. Jennica’s class, “Room 12,” as they called it. As I entered the room, I felt as if I were four years old again, in a magical play land of some sort. There were scattered conversations, laughter, cries, and every sort of noise you would find in a preschool classroom. The classroom was set up with many different activities and learning objectives throughout the room. There were different centers separated by many different learning objectives: science, manipulative (puzzles), reading, music, computer, art, sand, quiet, and many more.

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Preschool Observation
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Along the wall, near the entrance, were cubbies each assigned to every student to store their belongings. The walls were fully decorated with previous art works that the students have completed and pictures of friends and families. The ceilings were filled with hanging mobiles and kites from corner to corner. To one corner of the room was the bathroom, which I found adorable little toilets and sinks; It was like a moment in a miniature world. There was also a kitchen filled different things for meals and snack times, as well as first aid kits for emergencies. Overall the classroom was geared towards learning and the development of the students, at the same time it provided them with fun and entertainment.
I began my observations in a corner, out of the way of the students performing their various tasks. They began their day.

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