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For my interview I decided to take the proprietor of 6 different Subway Restaurants in Maryland. It was an award to interview my friend “Mr. Sharad Doshi” . He has been in this industry for past five old ages. I chose him because he has been an inspiration to everyone. Looking at his achievements. makes us experience really proud and I knew for certain. for me. the best individual to interview would be him.

Subway is an American Restaurant Franchise that chiefly sells Sandwiches ( Subs ) and Salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor’s Associates. Inc. ( DAI ) . Subway is one of the fastest turning franchises in the universe. For the 2nd twelvemonth in a row. the SUBWAY® Restaurant concatenation has been awarded the Number One ranking in the Franchise Direct Top 100 Global Franchises Rankings.

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Mr. Doshi was ever inspired by Subway as it offered healthy life manner at a really low-cost monetary value. Subway offers healthy repast options at a really low-cost monetary value to the people. Besides. he was looking for strong. proved franchise concern. Harmonizing to Subway’s functionary web site. Subway was 2nd largest franchise in 2007. The growing of the company was significantly higher than QSR ( Quick Service Restaurant ) industry. DAI has developed a really good system to Franchise their locations. He completed on-line application procedure and so finished the written scrutiny. After that he successfully completed concern program and reviewed with Subway executives. The whole procedure took approximately 3 to 6 Calendar months. Finally. he opened his first Subway shop in Frederick. Maryland in 2007.

Mr. Doshi’s organisation has several corporatizations formats. such as “S” Corporation and LLC formats. As per there specific demand at that clip. his lawyer and his comptroller guided him to open “S” Corporation or LLC format. It’s non a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship. The advantages of holding a corporate construction were really clear. He said that they are protected through any cases and many legal facets. Second. there is Limited liability for shareholders. Third he says ; it is good to hold construction which is used for as per IRS codifications and State ordinances. Operating as an S corporation gives proprietors of the company legal and revenue enhancement benefits.

When I asked him about Business Rewards and Challenges. he said that every concern comes with tonss of challenges and wagess. It is a really hard inquiry to reply in a narrow spectrum. You are working for yourself. so all success and wages goes to you and at the same clip any failure is yours excessively. It is risk v/s reward state of affairs. In the concern every minute is a challenge. such as finance. selling. human resources. client dealingss. legal and many more. Covering with several facet of concern itself is a challenge. Reward is yours. success is yours and every twenty-four hours you feel good about playing a game to win. Besides. he says it meets his demands with a demanding. but flexible agenda. The wages for him ; is cognizing that his concern is a success and it’s really hard to construct a successful concern during this tough economical clip.

Subway has a set of criterions when it comes to the merchandise they serve in the shop. They know that it takes more than merely good nutrient to nurture strong people and construct a vivacious community. It can merely be done by taking attention of people. the bosom and psyche of the SUBWAY experience. Subway is dedicated to constructing strong concern relationships through unfastened communicating. regard and by with each other every bit good as by functioning their clients and vicinities ; much like we do within our ain households. In there concern. all employees throughout the SUBWAY® system adhere to ethical rules and employment criterions to guarantee that all workers are valued. treated reasonably and with regard. One more thing which he said was interesting that each twelvemonth ; the SUBWAY trade name supports charities and philanthropic organisations through corporate contributions and sponsorships to promote healthy. active life styles and assist do the universe a better topographic point. This twelvemonth Subway proprietors collected $ 330. 000. 00 and donated to American Diabetic Association to forestall and educate people about Diabetes ( Subway. com )

He says I strongly believe that my shop has a positive impact on the economic system. Since the economic system is in recession. people don’t want to pass batch of money on expensive eating houses. As mentioned earlier. subway provides healthy repast options at a really low-cost monetary value to the people. We started offering $ 5 pes long subs in order for our clients to acquire healthy nutrient at a really low cost. Peoples can eat fast nutrient and lose weight. Our authoritative illustration is of Jared. who lost 180 lbs merely by eating Subways’ healthy sandwiches.

Harmonizing to the Subway functionary web site. Subway has impacted the environmental issue by exchanging to serviettes that use 100 % recycled stuffs. of which 60 % is post-consumer reclaimable stuff. Recycled stuff can include material such as wood french friess ; while post-consumer recycled stuff is paper that has already been used by consumers. Subway estimates it will salvage about 147. 000 trees a twelvemonth. The company besides switched to cutlery and plastic imbibing cups made of polypropylene alternatively of polystyrene. which it estimates will salvage 13. 000 barrels of oil yearly. Subway sandwiches are highly popular in different parts of the universe and in some topographic points. it has reached iconic position. There are more SUBWAY® eating houses in the universe than any other eating house concatenation. doing us a leader in the planetary development of the speedy service eating house industry.

Mr. Doshi explained to me that his scheme for deriving and keeping new concern chances is the clients. He says. “For me. it is all about doing my clients happy” . Everyone that comes through my door. are welcomed with unfastened weaponries. “I’ve put my bosom and psyche into all the shops I own. ” said Mr. Doshi. If a client seems unhappy with their repast. they are instantly given a replacing and/or the point is taken off the measure. We set our ends. and derive specifically on how to accomplish those ends. We hire advisers to assist and back up our system. We invest money in engineering. Review our strength and weaknesses ; put every attempt to do it better.

Harmonizing to Mr. Doshi. the Key to his success is the Team work. The best manner to depict our success is by giving you an illustration. Honestly. we are blessed to hold a squad of best captain and manager. Sonal ; my married woman is the” Captain” of our squad and I am the “Coach” . I Coach and she plays the game with the best participants. She is really patient and handles the state of affairs really easy. Unfortunately. there are times when things do non travel as planned and she manages it really nicely. She knows how to construct the squad. She understands that every participant is non best in all place. so put the best participant in the right topographic point at a right clip. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. she wins every game and I am the happy manager of the winning squad. Another ground for the success is we have a transparent relationship in our organisation. We are really crystalline to our employees and to our clients. Peoples frequently say in order to win you have to be diplomatic and unethical in concern. but I do non hold to that at all. I think unethical behaviour consequences in bad repute and a loss of clients and employees. This can destroy a concern finally. I think if you are honorable and faithful to your clients and employees. so they will come back to you and will appreciate your work by giving good concern. Last. I feel assisting others is the key to success. concealment and playing unneeded games take away tonss of your positive energy and strength.

When asked what he would make otherwise if you had to make it all over once more. he said “Absolutely nil. ” because I am convinced we all learn lessons when we need to and non a minute before. I have been really fortunate in my journey. and the one thing that still keeps me traveling is that each twenty-four hours I get to larn something new and different. I believe that we did everything right in order to win in concern and in our life.

He concluded by stating that anyone in concern must perfectly take attention of their bing patronages. If we give our clients a royal intervention. they will react and honor you. He besides said that retaining one client is far more cost effectual and honoring than seeking out one new client.

Finally. I applaud Mr. Doshi for the manner he and his married woman run their concern. They truly do set a batch of attempt into their Subway shops. They do believe in ethical behaviour and seek to give their best service and quality to their clients. I noticed that when I was at the shop questioning Mr. Doshi. batch of clients come into the shop and Sharad would recognize each one of them with cordial reception. In fact he even knew the names of few clients who would walk in for nutrient. The thing which I was small surprised and happy was that he would give free cookies to the childs and would even inquire how the twenty-four hours at school went. He was genuinely astonishing. After this interview. I have more respect for him and I wish I could be like him in hereafter.

During this whole procedure of interview and the clip I spent with Mr. Doshi. I realized that it takes batch of difficult work for any concern to travel swimmingly. Subway has been turning throughout the universe quickly. I would decidedly put in Subway because it is the fastest turning franchise in the universe. Lot of people love the gustatory sensation they provide. They serve alimentary nutrient at low cost. It is a proved concern with a low investing.


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