Into the Wild: A Synopsis

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Many people derided the foolishness of his endeavor, thinking he could possibly survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness with nothing but his wits. But there also were readers admired the boy immensely for his courage and Nobel ideals. The author believes he has lived a similar life and undergone similar instances as Mishandles. With that belief, he shows his own personal story and draws parallels what has happened in his life with Uncleanness’s. But he wants every reader to form his or her own opinion of Chris.

In my opinion was Chris Mishandles is well educated. Krause shows this when he says that, “In May 1990, Chris graduated from Emory university in Atlanta, where he’d been a alumni’s, and editor of, the student newspaper, The Emory Wheel, and had distinguished himself as a history and anthropology major with a 3. 72 grade- point average. ” (p. 20) Mishandles is confident because he thinks he can survive in the wilderness with the small amounts of food and gear he has. “No thanks anyway, I’ll be fine with what I’ve got. ” (p. ) Chris is unorthodox because he lives a strange lifestyle that is very simple. Krause shows this he describes Chrism’s room, “Chris had lived off campus in a monkish room furnished with little more than a thin mattress on the floor, milk crates, and a able. ” He was a hard worker at whatever he did. “It was a different story with Alex. He has the hardest worker I’d ever seen. ” (p. 18) 5. He is afraid of water. Krause tells the reader this when Chris says, “l was out on the ocean in a canoe, and I almost drowned when a storm came up. (p. 5) Chris is very determined. Jim Galilean tries to talk him out of it but he says that, “there was no talking him out of it. ” Indirect: Chris is very independent. Krause shows this by him telling about Chrism’s tendencies to go away from the popular options and running away from his home. He shows this when Chris is talking to Jim and says that he is going to “live off the land for a few months” which shows that he has run away from his home. (p. 4) Chris is a likable guy. Everyone he meets seems to like him.

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When Wayne Westerners meets him he describes him as “an amiable kid” and that ‘ ‘There was something arresting about the youngster’s eyes. ” Chris finds lots of meaning in books. The book shows this because when he is found with all the books in the bus with him and that he gave his copy of War and Peace to Wayne means that books meant a lot to him. “Before departing, e gave Westerners a treasured 1 942 edition of Tolstoy War and Peace. ” He tells Wayne to find deeper meaning the book while reading it.

Chris has problems with his family. Krause shows this when he is talking to Galilean and says, “Alex answered calmly that no, no one knew of his plans, that in fact he hadn’t spoken to his family in over 2 years. ” Chris wanted to be free from the modern world. He shows this when he severs the connection from his old life by changing his name to Alex Superstars. “No longer would he answer to Chris Mishandles, he was now Alex Superstars, master of his own destiny.

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