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Intramural Reflection

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Intramural Reflection
During the first block of intramurals I participated in 5 different sports but decided that indoor volleyball would be the best one to reflect upon. This was probably the best team that I was a part of because we took 3rd in the Division 1 league. Nick Bartz was on my team last year, but this year he formed a new team called “Sets Addicts” and was the captain of our team. We had all three of us guys from our last team but got a new group of girls to help us out.

They all had played in high school and still play often now, so we were happy to get them to say the least. When it comes to a component of fitness, I would have to say we hit on muscular strength and endurance the most. Some games would take a long time so you had to be somewhat conditioned. Otherwise you need strength to explode to the ball or dive around to try and make a save.

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Intramural Reflection
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As I said before we got a new set of girls on our team so we all got to meet more people. You can never have too many friends when you’re in college and intramurals is a great way to meet new ones. You learn many things when you play intramurals such as how competitive you are, or anyone else for that matter. Students don’t get that T-shirt and 1st place by doing everything on their own, but rather they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work as a team. When you work as a team you’re also going to have more fun, and that’s what intramurals are all about. It’s not always fun to play on a team that’s all about winning, I have been lucky because my team has always focused on having a good time and still playing competitively. I think playing on an intramural team definitely has a positive effect on those who are Physical Education majors. It can help you realize what kind of people you will work

with and what to expect. Students often react to constructive criticism in different ways just as many of our friends do with intramurals. Just being around people who are playing sports and being active should help anyone who is in the field of Physical Education. One other thing to look at in any team is their reaction to a win and then a loss; many times it will tell you all you need to know about most players.

As for me personally I love the whole aspect of intramurals from the people you meet, the competitive games, and all the drama that goes with it. It’s all a part of the experience and I think most would agree it’s always a good time. I always look forward to having my nights packed with sports to play and always will as long as I’m in college. Everyone gets stressed out through the semester with tests, papers, and projects. Intramurals is a good way to get away from school work and just have a great time. You get to be around your friends and other college students who want to enjoy their college experience as best they can. Those are all quality reasons why to come back to intramurals every block. I plan to play in intramurals every block they have them, it’s cheap and good clean fun. I’ve gotten a few friends to play with me and since then we’ve gotten many to play and keep planning to. I can’t think of any negative reasons why not to play intramurals in college because of all the positive outcomes it offers.

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