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Critical Observation Reflection

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  • Pages 4
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    A group of strangers come together to cheer on their ova,JNI hometown teams. There are no personal conflicts amongst these people but when it comes down to who wins and who loses; this could bring out a vulnerTABLE reaction in certain people causing arguments, and physical harm to person and place in this highly world loved sport. Some say that certain outcomes depend on whether you are a hard core fan or just a casual fan that likes Hockey and attends events only every now and again.

    For the Fight of the Game “Crisis: A time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger; an individual’s reaction to an event, situation, or stress. This is more so a story of an individual’s reaction to an event which include situation and stress. Sitting in an arena full of hockey fans both cheering for two different teams can be quite overwhelming. There is a general sense of everything excitement, hope, nervousness, anger and upset all depending how well your favorite team is doing. Hockey fans often make this reality

    Hockey fans love their fights and the broadcasters for Canada Sports say they will continue to give the fans the luxury of doing so for the love of the game and publicity. “Fighting is an accepTABLE part of hockey. ” To many people, hockey is just a game but to other diehard fans it is everything in which they are ready to defend. As sit in the stands during a game, I look around and observe the environment around me. Two teams, two sets of fans (young and old) cheering for their own which is understandTABLE, you are going to cheer on the home team for which you come from.

    As the game moves forward and goals are being made with a score higher than another, you can see the look on the losing teams fans faces, a look of anxiousness and dread. The screaming becomes louder to cheer their team on or others screaming negative comments as to say that a certain hockey team member has failed; in other words “you suck’. Goals are made on both sides, people sitting, standing, shouting and as times goes on you can feel the anxiety rising; times of silence when close to a goal and times when you can’t hear yourself think because of all the shouting.

    Escalation vs.. De-escalation The arena is quite big, therefore, can accommodate many people, however, you sit where you want to sit or are told to sit in a certain area. I don’t think this is very coordinated considering the possible circumstances. I noticed that fans for both teams were situated everywhere, which, in my opinion, is asking for trouble “rubbing two sticks together to create fire”. One team winning over the other with opposed diehard fans sitting side by side can cause quite the friction.

    At these events alcohol is served, therefore, alcohol in the system would just sake the situation that much worse and could cause bodily harm to each other, the facility or others sitting close. To De-escalate the situation the arenas could be proactive and prevent these situations from happening, making sure opposite teams fans sit further away from each other, limiting alcohol or making sure there is more security because did notice that there was not very many. Conclusion It’s understandTABLE why people fight at not only hockey events but many sporting events; for the love of the game, to defend the team that plays for our hometown.

    Unfortunately, many adults and children have been hurt during these kinds of events and there are many things that could be done, however, because of media and the publicity of the NIL and junior leagues this is not likely and fighting promotes more interest, therefore, more money. From my experience, seeing the look on peoples (fans) faces, the anticipation and the body gestures it was almost as if I knew what was coming next; shout with anger or happiness, stand up and jump, of course while observing the name myself.

    I would apply this in my nursing profession in ways of knowing my patients history and current diagnosis, that way, without even a word from my patient, with facial expressions and body movements I would grow to learn what they mean, what is happening, and what could do which would also be beneficial with a patient that does not talk and cannot explain what is going on right away. Find that being proactive would be beneficial as well; if you know your patients status you can do things in preparation for what if.

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