Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger Essay

“Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger A sociological perspective is obviously different from ones knowledge of sociology. In this essay Peter Berger reflex upon the many different levels of reality we tend to block. Through Bergersreading he enables us to see through and behind social structures. Berger starts by saying that anything out of the ordinary is considered a culture shock to us Americans. In further detail he discusses the process we lack to see which is known as “seeing through”.

Berger page 7) To set an example Berger uses what seems to be a non-ending blending row of houses. Berger says that we basically judge a book by its cover while Sociologist look beyond the door to see what is really doing on inside. Another process is how Sociologist “look behind” (Berger page 7) the facades of a community. In today’s society we just look at the person in charge to see how our community will be governed. Meanwhile, a Sociologist will want to further investigate our government and what’s really happening behind closed door.

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Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger
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One more example that impacted me the most is about marriage. Berger says when we are at a certain point in our relationship we allow ourselves to fall in love and then eventually marry. Marriage can be for the right or wrong reason, but because of the structure we have we see it as the right thing to do. However, a Sociologist looks beyond love. They seek for reasons related to why people decide to get married. Then when divorce comes along people intend to point that out as the problem in their relationship.

While all along Sociologist knows that marriage was the problem to begin with and understands what goes on in a social interaction. Berger’s research says people might not see situations for what they truly are. Berger says that we do not see through or underneath it all. However, I beg to differ. In today’s society we are a little more advanced then we use to be. We might not be as bright as we should be; however, we raise our eyebrows when we suspect something fishy is going on.

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