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Is Scientific Progress Inevitable?

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  • Pages 2
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    I read the article “Is Scientific Progress Inevitable? ” which was written by Andrew Irvine on 2006. It was published in the book In the Agora: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy. The chief thought of the article is scientific advancement is non inevitable. At the first portion of the transition. the writer used his ain his experience that he took his girl to see a medical specialty wheel ; he used what he saw to allow us cognize these constructions have been there for 1000s of old ages and human existences are delicate. Furthermore. he used some facts that ancient people may utilize their alone ways to enter summer solstice instead than today’s high astronomical cognition. As he said “scientific cognition is non inevitable” ( parity. 12 ) . there is no warrant that scientific advancement will maintain addition. every bit long as we have the belief to populate better. the scientific advancement is non indispensable or necessary.


    This article was written by Andrew Irvine who is a professor of UBC at section of doctrine ( Irvine. 2012 ) . The rubric of the transition makes readers to believe of scientific advancement is non inevitable. nevertheless. without engineering. we can non populate in this extremely developed universe. The book In the Agora: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy was edited by Andrew Irvine and John Russell ; it is a book which collects many Canadians philosophers’ article and enriches our universe by their Philosophic idea ( University of Toronto Press Publishing. 2013 ) . However. we are populating in a underdeveloped universe. every bit long as we want to populate better. the scientific advancement will stay non-inevitable.

    Electronic merchandises for illustration. cellular telephones have been portion of our live for few old ages. everybody has a cellular telephone to pass on to each other handily. But ancient people can merely pass on each other with their voice or gesture. they can non make person who is far off from them. With the scientific consequences. we can utilize electronic merchandises to speak and see people 1000s of stat mis off from us. In the article. the writer mentioned that some ancient civilization may utilize their ain manner to calculate out summer solstice like the Sun dance ( Irvine. 2006. pp338-339 ) .

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