Is Self-Confidence the Most Important Factor for Success

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The article discusses the controversy over whether self-confidence is the most important factor for success. Those who argue that self-confidence is crucial believe that it gives people the courage to tackle problems, but others suggest that maintaining self-confidence is important but not the most critical factor in achieving success. The author supports the latter argument and believes that skills, experience, and objective conditions also play important roles in success. While self-confidence is essential, it is not the only determinant of success. With the combination of other critical factors, success can be achievable.

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There is a general controversy nowadays over the issue whether self-confidence is the most important factor for success. Those who advocate the idea that self-confidence is the most significant element required in success believe that without self-confidence, people even don’t have the courage to face the problem. But people who criticize the ^ the idea contend that self-confidence is not the determinant factor for success, on the other hand, maintaining self-confidence is a critical but not the most critical factor for success.

While it comes to me, I support the latter one. To begin with, I believe skills are more crucial to possess than self-confidence in the process of achieving goals. Skills help us procure strength which will enable us to have the ability to solve all kinds of challenges we may come across and lead to our success. And having strength can help us gain self-confidence. Take examinations for example, the skills are mastering all the knowledge teachers have taught us in class, with the assistance of this prerequisite, we are capable of having the self-confidence to pass the exams.

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On the contrary, if someone only gets self-confidence but no skills, I don’t think it will be easy for him to pass exams. Moreover, it is essential to know that experience is also a vital factor for our success. Life can be mysterious, we are encountering new different difficulties every day, probably in the process of our success. And history is always repeating itself. Experiences assist us learning from the old time and adjusting to changing circumstances.

Furthermore, objective conditions are also considered to be a very important component which affects our success. Our Chinese ancestors used to stress the importance of the favorable climate and topographical advantages. No matter how confident we are, only when we have a proper opportunity can we show what we are capable of, otherwise it could be useless for all the effort we have made. For instance, we already have all the skills and are confident enough but we do not get a chance to show our abilities, then we just work in vain.

However, self-confidence plays an imperative role in our success, as many people believe, it gives us the courage to face straight the problem, and handle it bravely. But we shall never forget other more significant factors, such as experiences, skills, also the objective conditions. From what have been discussed above, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that the path leading to success can be really tough, yet to finally achieve the goals and realize the dreams, we need more than just self-confidence. If we possess every other decisive factor we need, with self-confidence, success will be easy and sure.

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