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Confidence vs. Arrogance



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    Confidence vs. Arrogance Difference between confidence and arrogance: Many people have heard of the fine line that comes between confidence and arrogance. It’s a line that one needs to understand and gain deeper knowledge of, in order to prevent them from crossing. Although people may describe themselves as confident, their actions are what determine which trait they really possess. These two traits mask themselves with outward appearances leaving the perceptions of others distorted from the truth. The true difference can only be exhibited when one takes a closer look at these two traits.

    Confidence comes with knowing and understanding that the step they will take is correct, proper and effective. Someone is considered confident when he/she is well prepared for an exam, or well equipped for a project that needs to be turned in. They are certain that the outcome of their prediction will be as they predicted. However, they show this certainty through nonverbal communication. People are able to show their knowledge through action rather than words, leaving enough room to see the insights and beliefs of others.

    Confidence allows one to look through a different perspective in terms of a situation, rather than through just his/hers eyes. They are more flexible and open to change, whether it be making a group decision, or discussing an outlook on a certain subject. Confident people are well aware that they are one of many who are talented and capable and show others that they are aware of this. Most of these people bring an approachable personality, providing a comfortable conversation and or discussion.

    They bring forth their ideas in humble way, rather than forcing them onto others. This gives his/her peers a chance to also share their beliefs and ideas. They respect and quietly take pride in what they possess and who they are, but remember that they are not the only people with these possessions living in this world. Thinking this way keeps confident people grounded and away from crossing the line towards arrogance. Arrogance comes with thinking that no matter what the situation, he/she will always conquer.

    Arrogant people do not take the time to fully gain knowledge or understand situations and its outcomes that they will be put in. They disregard the opinions of others and focus only on what they believe, shutting and locking the door to people who have a different outlook. They also tend to use more verbal communication rather than nonverbal and have the need to point out their talents and capabilities. Arrogance can be described as overbearing pride that comes from either one’s personal status or ego.

    It is a strong positive emotion that comes from being praised and or having high independent self-reflection. Due to the high self-reflection, arrogant people are blinded by their thoughts, beliefs and ideas, of which are usually portrayed when having a conversation. The conversation becomes very single opinionated and one-dimensional, frustrating those who take part in this conversation. The image they have painted of themselves was created in semi-permanent paint, leaving the artist with tedious, laborious work when it comes time to making changes to the painting.

    Although both confidence and arrogance are easily misinterpreted, when deeper examining the two, one can see that arrogance and confidence do indeed differ in many ways. Arrogance comes from a high self-reflection though verbal and nonverbal communication while confidence comes with knowing and understanding and accepted who they are as well as others. They both are aware of their possessions but confidence all round exhibits and receives, respect, care and humbleness.

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