I Change My Life with Self Confidence

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When we begin our day starting with a cup of coffee, we tend to ask our selves questions that leave us pondering. Sometimes we are left with fragmentary answers and our minds simply cannot focus. Ultimately with reality all around, things can change us in many ways. There was a point in my life where i was struggling as a person to develop confidence. I could not seem to gain that level of self confidence that a normal person should have.

Turning myself down was a normal thing to me, as though i have been put down in my life. I simply could not find that one inspiration that would set my fears on fire. Until came Nicki Minaj into the music industry. I was reading her article one night, not even half-way into the story i was amazed by her. Self-confidence was what she struggled with as a teenagaer. Suddenly before stepping into the world of music, Nicki had changed herself. She did not care what other people thought of her or what they said about her. She kept her self-esteem as high as she could and she always reached for goals that challenged her.

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Of even greater appeal her appearence is a mix of everything. Nicki claims herself as Nicki. She does not look at herself as being somebody else but herself. As reaching towards the end of the article i was astonished when she said that critics will keep talking, but that does not stop you from being who you are just because other people do not accept it. After reading the article i took a seccond to myself to realize what i was doing wrong. Which was nt accepting myself. I felt a sudden reaction within myself and i knew what i was doing before was tearing me apart as a human.

Without delay i changed things around in my life including myself. Now i am leading a life where i am unstoppable in my actions. I can careless about what people say and think about me. Feeling a boost of confidence in myself is a gift. I know there are peopoe out there struggling to get to the point where i am and they cannot seem to find their inspirations in a way I found mine. Which was reading a singer’s article who is now dominating the music industry singing her life away. Thus we can see that words and stories infact do change a person. It is the matter of finding the right one that opens your eyes to a whole new perspective.

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