Is The American Dream Still Possible

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The younger generation in our country places great importance on the American Dream. It represents the pursuit of personal goals and ambitions, including achieving one’s dream profession and living a utopian life that has always been imagined but never realized.

The dream of freedom and equality, which was once achievable in the past, remains possible even now. However, the economy has worsened over the last fifty years.

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Although social mobility has not improved recently, it is still possible to achieve the American Dream. In modern society, people have more debt and the overall debt of the United States has increased compared to fifty years ago. Nevertheless, by working hard and persevering, individuals can overcome obstacles like racism and accomplish the American Dream. As O’Brien (1) states, “The American Dream is still achievable; furthermore, those with lower incomes have an equal opportunity to move up the economic ladder today as they did fifty years ago.”

Racism, the middle class, and surrendering in adversity hinder the American Dream. Despite progress made in recent decades, racism still greatly impacts society. Although some argue that equal opportunities are available to all, there are individuals in America who will never recognize equality between races. Regrettably, people frequently succumb to the temptation of judging others prematurely based solely on their outward appearance.

The Southern region is characterized by a correlation between darker colors indicating limited opportunities, and lighter colors suggesting greater opportunities. In contemporary society, the achievement of the American Dream is significantly affected by race, making it more challenging for minorities to attain. Furthermore, the geographical areas where minorities reside further hinder their pursuit of the American Dream.

The social and economic isolation of a significant minority population residing in impoverished neighborhoods leads to deprived access to quality employment opportunities and education. As a result, individuals living in these economically disadvantaged areas encounter substantial obstacles in pursuing their American Dream. Regrettably, there exists a widespread misconception that individuals from impoverished neighborhoods have not been raised properly, yet this assumption lacks evidence.

While it is often viewed negatively, having only one parent in American homes can actually be beneficial. A single supportive parent can positively influence and inspire intelligent decision-making. If you lack such a influential figure in your life, it is crucial to continuously strive for self-improvement. Additionally, the middle class acts as a bridge between the wealthy and the poor.

The presence of a middle class is essential for reducing inequality and enabling individuals in poverty to attain success. The absence of a middle class would result in an excessive gap, making it extremely challenging for impoverished individuals to pursue their aspirations. Additionally, the middle class plays a pivotal role in enhancing educational establishments and employment opportunities, instilling hope in those striving to fulfill their dreams.

The middle class is essential for stimulating economic growth and is not exclusively advantageous to the wealthy. It represents a unique characteristic of American society, and its prosperity holds utmost significance. Additionally, the achievements of the middle class have the most profound influence on America’s overall economic welfare.

The middle class is crucial in transforming the American Dream from a mere aspiration into tangible reality.

Oprah Winfrey, an African American woman, triumphed over adversity and pursued her dream despite encountering hardships and racial challenges. She surpassed societal expectations to become one of the most influential women globally, even though she did not grow up in an ideal two-parent household. Oprah remained undeterred by her circumstances and went on to achieve great success.

She was brought up by her strict father, who taught her to value only what he deemed as the best. One of Oprah’s quotes that motivates her is: “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.”

This quote stresses that an individual’s success in life should not be determined by their family situation, but rather by their personal drive to achieve the American Dream. To attain this dream, one must demonstrate persistence and commitment, even in the face of challenges like racial discrimination.

The existence of a middle class is essential because it enables individuals who are less fortunate to accomplish their aspirations. While certain individuals possess inherent abilities and drive to pursue their ambitions, others rely on a prosperous middle class for assistance. Without the presence of a middle class, those living in poverty would encounter substantial obstacles in their journey towards achieving desired goals.

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