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“It’s Time to Think about Visors” by Ken Dryden Sample

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1. Sir Francis Bacon’s quotation mark “Knowledge is Power” relates strongly to this essay. Before any of these hurts happened, the participants did non truly cognize of the effects for non have oning a vizor. After hearing of many narratives like Berards, they started to recognize that the pick of non have oning a vizor could ensue in calling stoping hurts. The more cognition they gained about these effects, the more power and control they have over their ain safety. They might get down to rethink their determinations about vizors.

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“It’s Time to Think about Visors” by Ken Dryden Sample
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2. Analogy: “Skiers can’t ski down a hill fast until they learn how to command their velocity and know they can halt if they have to.” He compares the subject to skiing because most people know that skiing can be really unsafe and skiers must ever be in control.

Metaphor: “Safety doesn’t need to straightjacket performance.” He is stating that you can still be safe and execute the same in the game.

Wearing a vizor will non impact your public presentation as a participant.

Graphic Description: Dryden uses graphic description in the first paragraph when he tells Bryan Berard’s narrative. He particularly focuses on the “dark topographic point organizing beside him. Blood on ice in ruby ; it splatters and watercourses. This was darker and thick.” This creates an image in the reader’s caput and you start to see how everything happened as if you were watching it unrecorded at the game when it happened.

Rhetorical Question: “The inquiry is non if but when. And the inquiry for us is whether we drag out this clip to its extreme or act earlier. He uses this at the terminal of the essay to go forth the reader believing about when there will be the regulation that vizors are compulsory. He states that we need to smarten up and set this regulation in topographic point before more people get injured because of non have oning face protection. Ms. Nigro

Why Visors Should be Mandatory in HockeyHockey is a really aggressive athletics that can take to many different hurts. Visors are an optional piece of protective equipment that many professional participants choose non to have on. Visors should be compulsory to have on because it makes participants less aggressive, it sets good illustrations for younger participants, and it prevents hurts to the face. Wearing a vizor makes participants less aggressive and allows them to concentrate on the game more than taking things out on each other. If participants wear vizors, there will probably be less contending because they do non desire to get down throwing clouts at each other and stop up hitting their vizor. All of the participants would be seen as equal and no 1 would be picked out as a possible mark to contend for non holding protection on their face. If professional hockey participants are required to have on vizors, it sets a good illustration for younger participants who look up to them.

When participants are no longer required to have on a coop, portion of their determination on what to have on is based on what their favorite participant or function theoretical account wears. If they see a professional non have oning a vizor it will act upon them to non have on one every bit good, or if they do see them have oning a vizor they will most likely want to have on one excessively. This will forestall hurts from go oning to new participants that could ensue in the terminal their calling. Wearing a vizor can forestall most hurts non merely to your eyes but your whole face every bit good. Anything that is coming in contact with a player’s eyes, whether it be a stick, Puck or even a skate, will be stopped by the vizor. This will protect the participant from serious hurt that could stop their calling. Visors can protect your face excessively. If you get hit hard into the boards, or fall face foremost on the ice, the vizor will take the impact and halt your face from coming in contact with the difficult ice or boards. This will forestall broken castanetss and cuts that could damage your face for life.

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