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Essay- Ken Done

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Background: Ken Done is one of Australia’s famous artist. He has painted every day since 1975. His enterprise last year employed over 100 employees, including his wife who helps with fashion design expertise. Ken Done really is passionate about his painting and works of art. He takes his time and puts a lot of effort into his paintings to show people that he is very passionate. He has been in the advertising business for 16 years. He knows how to market his products and how to get his product out there.

I think that it is neat that he is supporting himself by doing the thing that he loves which is painting.

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Essay- Ken Done
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Drive to Achieve. Ken Done has an amazing drive. First off it is witnessed in how he paints every day. He also has a very strong will power to achieve his goal. He was 40 when he got his first exhibition even though he has been painting for a long time which shows that he is dedicated.

He also has opened his products to other markets. He talks about designing ideas for clothes like swimming trunks. This shows me that he is very driven to achieve his goal. Creativity and Innovativeness: The first thing I think of when I hear somebody being a painter is that they are creative.

You have to be able to come up with painting and ideas that nobody has thought about or painted before. Done was creative and innovative enough to put his drawings on T-shirts to advertise his paintings. With the free shirts that he passed out they gave him free advertisement and word of mouth publicity which will help him sell more paintings. Commitment, Determination, Perseverance: Ken has been committed to his passion for a long time now. He paints every day and has painted every day for over 35 years. He is determined to satisfy his customers by providing them with works of art that captivate his buyers.

He said that art showed him more failure then success. I think that him going through this failure gave him a lot of perseverance. High Energy Level: I feel Ken has a very high energy level. He is constantly painting and working on paintings. He also spends a lot of times of his paintings possibly taking up to days on the paintings. He also handles many different problems that arise to him. One was how to make money in other ways besides selling paintings. He solved that by putting his designs onto clothes. Problems: I think that Ken Done could enter the home décor market.

I feel that Done could start to make designs for plates, and cups. I think that he could also take his paintings and transfer them onto a table cloth, like a painting tablecloth. Also I feel that he could also make plates that have his designs on them. This would put more money into his pocket and his company’s pocket. Also another problem that I see is that his expanding. I don’t think he had mentioned in expanding his business overseas. I think that is he would open another company in the U. S. he would become more recognized or noticeable.

Recommendations: One recommendation would be to expand his company. His company is in Australia but does not have a big market outside of that country. Another recommendation is that he could advertise better. He could make some television ads; start to show his artwork off in exhibits. Also he could be more of a presence in social networking. He could start an instagram account and post pictures of his artwork to gain popularity. Another recommendation is that he could expand his market into home décor. He could make plates or cups or even bathroom things.

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