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Jfk Assassination Research Paper

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    President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. A young and vigorous leader who was a victim of the fourth Presidential assassination in the history of a country. This assassination was known as a world tragedy, and a great lost to our nation. Many conspiracies were formed while the investigation of his assassination was undergoing, making his case unsolved. But with the many conspiracies, the assassination caused a lot of effect on our country over the years.

    Making the JFK assassination a remarkable case. There are many conspiracy theories due to rumors based on lack of information as to the nature and extent of evidence. Our nation has all pointed fingers at Lee Harvey Oswald, as the man who assassinated JFK. The Commission faced substantial difficulties in determining whether anyone conspired with or assisted the person who committed the assassination (Nizer, pg. 243). By having Oswald as a possible suspect, investigators began to explore the details of his activities and life. Oswald fled to the Soviet Union in 1959, and resided in the Soviet Union until June of 1962.

    He then came back to the United States and started building connections with the Cubans and Russians. In view of these activities, the Commission has instituted a thorough investigation to determine whether the assassination was in some manner directed or encouraged (Nizer, pg. 244). Of the day of the assassination, many witnesses confirmed that Oswald was the only one seen on the sixth floor of the Depository Building where the shots were fired. Other conspiracies include that Kennedy was assassinated due to his plans of changing the Federal Reserve System, and ending the Vietnam War.

    Another included that Oswald had connections with the Cuban government, specifically with Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro ordered to assassinate JFK in retaliation for the CIA’s attempts to assassinate him (Rasenberger, pg. 123). And the list goes on to whom was the cause of JFK’s death, but most of the evidence links up to Oswald. The event of Kennedy’s death is still unforgettable, as many watched one of our great president’s die before them. His journey started as he planned a 2 day trip to Texas, to raise more Democratic Party presidential campaign fund, begin his quest for reelection, and help win the elector of Texas for possible reelection.

    Kennedy, Mrs. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, John B. Connally, Jr. , and Governor of Texas; all plan on being by Kennedy’s side. Apart of his schedule, was to motorcade through downtown Dallas, and attend a luncheon speech at the Trade Mart. It was hoped that, The Dallas motorcade, would evoke a demonstration of the President’s personal popularity in a city which he had lost in the 1960 election (Nizer, pg. 4). After settling into Texas, with a couple of visits and a night sleep, Kennedy was prepared by midmorning for his motorcade ride.

    While beginning the ride through a residential area, in the motorcade was Kennedy and his wife in the rear seat. In the front seat were Governor Connally and his wife, and to the front of the motorcade was two Secret Service Agencies. Nearly close to the Trade Mart, Kennedy and other series of motorcades are now on Elm Street passing by the Texas School Book Depository. Seconds later shots resounded in rapid succession. Kennedy hands move to his neck, appearing stiffen and lurched slightly forward in his seat. A bullet had entered the base of his neck, and Governor Connally took a blow to his back, chest, wrist, and left thigh.

    Another bullet struck Kennedy in the rear portion of his head, causing a massive and fatal wound, and landing him into Mrs. Kennedy’s lap (Nizer, pg. 8). Secret Service Agencies began to act, shielding Kennedy and his wife as they sped to Parkland Memorial Hospital; 4 miles away. At the hospital, Kennedy was treated by a team of physicians who examined his body and fatal wounds. But sadly, Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1 p. m. Kennedy’s death has impacted our nation as a whole, as we acknowledge a man of wisdom and prosperity.

    Kennedy had plans to make action of change and adjustment while in office, but couldn’t achieve that due to a major setback. One great impact is that we lost a leader of our country, and experience the sorrow of his lost in harmony. Leaving America in doubt of hope and change, which was promised. Another impact is that 16,000 military advisors had been dispatched to the country (http://millercenter. org). The Warren Commission’s report, which found Oswald to be the sole assassin, led to widespread dissent and confusion among the American public; with many questions about Oswald’s time spent in the Soviet Union.

    The Vietnam War turned out to be the first United States loss in a long term armed conflict in history. In conclusion, John F. Kennedy had many accumulating goals for the U. S. and was robbed from us too soon in his presidency. Kennedy was a fearless man who took the chance to go and provoke change in Texas, for his reelection. Knowing the warnings of going, he took a risk. In the end, nobody knows for sure who assassinated Kennedy or why he was assassinated; but many know it was for the wrong reasons.

    It is still a mystery today and will possibly remain a mystery in history. In Kennedy’s early presidency, Americans saw hope in his plans and believed in him to lead them to a better country. When his death was announced, depression had hit America, and citizens thinking what would happen next. Nobody seen this coming, except for the one behind the plot, but in the end we still suffer from his lost. His death is still recognized in history as a momentum to our country, and we give thanks for Kennedy’s short term in office.

    Although Lee Harvey Oswald physically Kennedy, he will never be able to take away the legacy that Kennedy left behind. Lee Harvey Oswald physically assassinated Kennedy; he will never be able to take away the legacy that Kennedy left behind.

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