Jfk Rhetorical Analysis Essay

President, John F - Jfk Rhetorical Analysis Essay introduction. Kennedy, in his news conference on April 10, 1962 repeatedly called for stable prices and wages in the steel industry during a period of economic distress. This was in an effort to combat the steel companies that had raised steel prices by 3.5 percent. President Kennedy conveys a strong tone in order to boost morale of the American population and persuade the steel companies to lower their prices.

The president begins by discussing what a crucial time it is for the country. President Kennedy mentions Berlin and Southeast Asia, places that don’t affect American people, but then goes on to gain the American population’s emotional appeal by pointing out the Reservist that have to leave their homes and that “four were killed in the last two days in Vietnam”. He mentions these tragedies in order to justify how cruel the steel companies are being to their own country during a strenuous time. By introducing the death and sacrifice of Americans it successfully convey the Presidents concern for the individual struggle at the time.

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President Kennedy precedes in his speech to crucify the steel companies by explaining all the aspects of the economy the companies are effecting. At this point in the speech the president seeks to invoke a sense of anger in the population listing ways the steel aristocrats are hurting American. The president informs America of the “one billion dollars” increase cost to defenses,

and how steel prices makes it “more difficult for American goods to compete in foreign markets”. He achieves the sense of animosity toward the steel industry by illuminating that fact that steel prices affect every individual American

President Kennedy’s final point in his speech is expressed by factual information. This is in contrast to his previous two ideas which were aimed at emotions. The president is attempting to appeal to the skeptics by providing specific information to support his central thesis. He cites such organizations as “Acting Commissioner for the Bureau of Labor” and “the Wall Street Journal”. He uses the Wall Street Journal to show the greed the steel company’s exhibit by expanding their cash dividends to 600 million dollars. The president then mentions more organizations out of respect, such as the Steel Workers Union. President Kennedy uses the factual information to combat the “few gigantic corporations” that have decided to increase prices.

President Kennedy’s attempt to attack the big wig steel companies in his speech is achieved by a strong tone, emotional appeal, and factual information. The speech argues that the steel companies should not be able to abuse the country in a time of struggle.

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