JFK Assassination

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Is there enough information in the case of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy to assume it a conspiracy? There is much that can be brought into play to say that there not only was more than one shooter, but that also, Lee Harvey Oswald, was not the man to have done the real shooting anyway.

Killed on November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assumed to have been assassinated by Oswald, who was acting alone. The fact of the matter is, from where Oswald was supposedly shooting from; Kennedy s head would not have gone back and to the left as shown clearly in the Abraham Zapruder film.For the Presidents head to be thrown in that direction upon the impact of the bullet upon his head, there would have had to be someone located in the vicinity of the grassy knoll. Several Eyewitnesses say that they had heard shots coming from the grassy knoll, and one witness, a US soldier said that a bullet went passed his ear and hit the ground near him, followed by a police officer running up and demanding the film he had.

Another witness on a nearby bridge claimed he had seen the police officer and a construction worker in the area of the grassy knoll leave together after the incident had happened.Another big fact was that the Mafia had not liked the Kennedy s for their tough punishment on organized crime. A Mafia witness stated that the mob hired professionals lead by a man known as Michel who used exploding bullets and usually dressed as a police officer, since that was the easiest outfit to be wearing after a shooting broke out. There are many different things that make this case a little fishy but there is no way anymore to blame the real people involved, so, was there a conspiracy, or maybe, was this a mob hit? You be the judge and decide for yourself.

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