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What is plagiarism? - Jobs Essay introduction?? Plagiarism can come in many forms, but the end result is that the plagiarist stole something from someone else. Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas and information without acknowledging that person as the source. Like all other forms of theft, plagiarism has many disadvantages associated with it. Types of plagiarism Plagiarism can be both intentional, when you attempt to pass someone else’s work as your own, or unintentional, when you forget to properly cite the sources for your work. Regardless of the type, plagiarism always has consequences when it is discovered.

Often, the punishment for accidental plagiarism is minor or temporary. Because determining accidental plagiarism requires knowledge of intent, the overall reputation of the plagiarist becomes the deciding factor. Professional Consequences Numerous journalists, writers, academics and creators have had their personal and professional reputations ruined over accusations of plagiarism. Not only do plagiarists have their current work halted, either by being fired or by having contracts dissolved, but they also can find it difficult to get future work.

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A particularly bad or memorable episode of plagiarism can ruin a person’s reputation and force him to change careers to avoid the stigma of plagiarism. Personal Consequences Most of the consequences of plagiarism occur once the plagiarist is caught, but the personal consequences happen regardless of any outside involvement. When discussing plagiarism, Baylor School notes that students who plagiarize fail to learn many of the research and writing skills that the school is supposed to be teaching them.

Once they leave the school, those students lack the ability to produce original material, since they have only cheated in the past. Additionally, there is a psychological impact to plagiarism. Legal Consequences In addition to all the personal and professional difficulties that plagiarism might create, in certain cases there are legal consequences as well. The plagiarism of a copyrighted work for profit can result in the plagiarist having to pay monetary damages, both for any ill-gained profits and for any other potential losses the plagiarism may have caused the original writer.

In some cases, plagiarism can even result in the plagiarist having to go through a criminal prosecution where the outcome can range from fines to imprisonment. In my opinion plagiarism kills originality. Plagiarism means to steal someone else’s idea or part of word and use it as your own. This is an immoral and a serious offence. In case it is discovered it can brink unpleasent consequences. At first, it is a crime that you commit against yourself. If you study at an educational institution, you have homework.

Stealing someone’s ideas doesn’t mean you have done something good for you. The ease with which someone can take works, documents, images or ideas is attractive due to the lack of intellectual effort. On the other hand, it’s about mentality. We live in a society, where the plagiarism is rewarded. In our every day life the only correction is at the law court, but is very difficult to get there. In conclusion, the plagiarsim it’s an unfair thing to do, because it consists in fraud and it is an immoral act towards the persons concerned.

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