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Reasons and Solutions of Juvenile Crime

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In today’s changing world there are many factors that affect the Delinquency ofour youth. Crime has become a major pastime for a large amount of today’s youth. Someof the causes of this troubling problem are poverty, lack of activities, and mental issues. With every problem there is a solution, there is a constant battle in trying to find theperfect solution to help contribute to delinquency. We haven’t found that solution, but wehave some answers to help contain the problem.

An example, would be educationalprograms, such as D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E was a program set up by schools and local lawenforcement, that allows Local Law Enforcement to educate students on what happenswhen u abuse drugs, what the penalties are, and how you as an individual can help avoidbeing pressured into drug abuse. Programs like the dare program gave students an upperhand by giving them the knowledge they need to avoid making the wrong choices. Another example of solutions to delinquency would be more parent involvement withtheir children.

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Reasons and Solutions of Juvenile Crime
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Allot of times parents do not reinforce what is right or wrong or theparents maybe to busy to sit down and talk to their kids to find out what is going on intheir lives. If parents would make time out with their kids, and talk about what is goingon in their children’s lives, they may be able to help prevent them from making anymistakes. An example would be hanging out with the wrong crowd or running the streetslate at night. Also I think in today’s society parents are allot less lenient in punishing theirkids. If parents could punish their kids and reinforce what they say, maybe this will tell thechild “Hey this is wrong, if I do this, I will get punished”. Reinforcing rules andregulations help youth stay on a steady path. Its hard growing up in the teen years, tryingto fit in or do what is cool, but whatever they choose, they will know the consequences oftheir actions because someone took the time out and talked about the repercussions of Another preventive measure is counseling. Talking to a councilor or apsychologist about your problems is often better then talking to your parents. Sometimesthe problems affecting the child’s emotional stability comes right from the household. Ifthey parent is abusing their children, this may cause the child to be disarray and violent,not being able to let out an emotional cry. If the problem persist they could harmthemselves or someone else, just for the fact that they have mental issues. If a counselorwas able to talk the child about his or her problems before the problems climaxed, thiscould resolve their issues and help prevent them from doing anything serious. Anotherpreventive measure would be more stiffer penalties for committing a crime. I think thatcommunity service should be enforced allot more than it is nowadays. In communityservice, usually the person is committed to helping other people in a positive way andmost of the time the community service itself is positive. An example would be helpingcoach a youth sport or helping elderly at a rest home. Usually when you are in a nicerelaxed environment and you are helping others, it helps build self confidence and showsthat you are valued in whatever you are participating in. Bibliography:

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