Kimchi Fried Rice: Recipe of the Perfect Dinner

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Reluctant to start a new task at my desk on a Wednesday afternoon, I found myself eager to finish the day. Suddenly, hunger struck me. While browsing a Korean food blog, I became captivated by a recipe for Kimchi fried rice. The mouth-watering image of brownish rice mixed with vibrant red and green vegetables made my stomach growl. Unable to resist the temptation, I decided to have that Kimchi fried rice for dinner. Not only did it look delicious, but the recipe’s instructions were also delightfully straightforward.

My hunger was quickly satisfied with a simple and convenient option – attempting to make Kimchi Fried Rice. To get the necessary ingredients, I decided to visit H-Mart, an authentic Korean supermarket located in Irvine’s Jamboree Diamond Plaza. This particular market offers a wide range of Korean food options. To prepare this delicious dish, I needed several items such as Kimchi, beef, rice, sesame oil, carrot, spinach, soy sauce, scallions, and sesame seeds. However, the main components for this recipe were rice, beef and Kimchi; all other ingredients were optional.

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If desired, the ingredients can be customized based on personal preferences. In my case, I opted to exclude three items as I always have rice, sesame oil, and soy sauce readily available at home. Afterward, while pushing a shopping cart, I headed towards the fresh produce section located on the right side. It was there that I selected Asian spinach and scallions. Asian spinach resembles baby spinach found in salads but possesses a firmer texture and retains its shape during cooking. As I aimed for a quick and straightforward meal, I also grabbed shredded carrots to expedite preparation later on.

I went to the fridge to retrieve the Korean side dishes intended for the Kimchi, a vegetable that has been pickled and seasoned with Chili powder and scallions. For those who enjoy Kimchi, it is possible to purchase a large tub in advance. Afterward, I headed over to the meat section to acquire some marinated thin cut sirloin. Additionally, I made a quick stop at the sauce aisle to grab sesame seeds before proceeding to checkout at the register. The total cost of all these ingredients came out to around twelve dollars, which left me feeling satisfied as a customer. Excitedly, I drove home with anticipation of preparing some delicious Kimchi Fried Rice. Following that, I began preparations for cooking by getting everything ready.

To make fried rice, I adjusted the water quantity in the rice cooker and cooked it for thirty minutes. Once cooked, I moved the rice to cold water in a pot to cool it down. This step helps firm up the rice and prevents sticking when cooking in a wok. Although using leftover rice is best for making fried rice, if you don’t have any available, freshly cooked rice can be used as a good alternative.

After marinating the beef and shredding the carrot, I set them aside. Next, I rinsed the Kimchi in water to remove some of its vinegar taste without losing the chili powder by briefly dipping it in water. Then, I chopped the Kimchi into small pieces.

To clean the Asian spinach, I filled up my sink because unlike salad spinach, Asian spinach often has dirt on the roots that needs thorough washing. Once cleaned, I cut the spinach into small chunks, approximately one inch each.

Moving forward, I took care of the scallions by washing and dicing them. A helpful tip for creating fried rice involves incorporating roughly one thin slice of butter to enhance the flavor. Finally, I proceeded to heat the wok and cook the fried rice. Once the wok reached an appropriate temperature, I added approximately one tablespoon of oil and then introduced the beef. When tossing it around, the beef, being very thin, would naturally break into smaller chunks. Sequentially, I included the carrot, Kimchi, and spinach. Maintaining high heat throughout ensured that all the ingredients experienced a slight sear, but it was important to exercise caution and avoid overcooking the vegetables.

Once the mixture is done, set it aside. Keep the heat high and add two tablespoons of oil and a thin slice of butter. Stir constantly to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom. Add soy sauce for taste and color. Instead of measuring, I add soy sauce according to my taste. I add a little bit of sesame oil before combining it with the fried rice mixture. Toss everything for a few minutes until you smell the aroma filling your kitchen, indicating that the meal is ready.

Upon catching a whiff of my delectable meal, both my boyfriend and dogs are irresistibly drawn to the kitchen. With great speed, he swiftly arranges the table, grabbing a pair of chopsticks, opening a bottle of beer, and preparing himself for the feast. Eager to impress him, I decide to present the dish in a manner reminiscent of the Japanese restaurant we visited in Orange. Thus, I take a plate and place a bowl filled with rice on top before flipping it over carefully so that the rice settles neatly in the center. As a final touch, I generously sprinkle scallions and sesame seeds on its surface while serving Kimchi as an accompaniment. This particular presentation turns out to be quite successful as he happily indulges in three servings of this delightful rice.

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