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Kohinoor Chemical Ltd

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Kohinoor Chemical Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd. (KCCL) was founded in 1956 and became pioneer in manufacturing high quality beauty and personal care products in this subcontinent. Introducing automatic machinery and constant inflow of state-of-the-art raw materials from the world’s best possible sources, KCCL has built high standard in manufacturing quality cosmetics, toiletries, soap, perfume and glycerin etc.

It is a Public Limited Company, listed with both the bourses of Bangladesh, the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. Upon the emancipation of independence of the country the enterprise of Kohinoor along with its age-old goodwill of TIBET brand name was nationalized and included under the Bangladesh Chemical: Industries Corporation (BCIC).

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Kohinoor Chemical Ltd
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On august 03, 1993 the unit was awarded from the management of Sector Corporation (BCIC) as it was acquired by the ORION GROUP under the Privatization Policy.

The management of KCCL under the private sector began a fresh journey from loss to profit, from failure to success and from backward to forward outlook with total recasting of production system, personnel and staff management along with the introduction with the new technology either to replace the old ones or to update the existing ones.

The new management took a challenge to diversify the brand positioning and introduce new range of products.

Soon KCCL re-assumed its market status and glory of public endorsement of its traditional consumer response. By now, ‘TIBET’ the corporate brand logo of KCCL has, in some sectors, risen as market leader. TIBET as a brand has always enjoyed an unchanged brand loyalty by the huge number of rural people and with expansion and extension of localities the market has also for the products proportionately increased retaining the same degree of brand loyalty to TIBET.

In sharp contrast to its home base of middle-class response it has been successful in penetrating into horizon of export markets. As such KCCL in constantly conducts a prolonged program of BMER with full foreign collaboration. KCCL’s success is also attributed to its compact setting of a number of nation-wide marketing networks in addition to its commitment to quality. The goal is success and to keep success on-going KCCL has devoted itself to update its HRD resources and maintaining standard batch-by batch, even piece by piece.

Over the years, under the able leadership of Orion Group, KCCL had not only regained its lost glory, but also had been able to penetrate into the horizon of export markets. Therefore, KCCL is constantly conducting prolong program of BMRE with full foreign collaboration to ensure quality and efficiency amongst its 1500 plus workforce including technical and management executives with various welfare measures like subsidized canteen, free uniform, Medicare facilities, welfare center etc. ready to respond to any consumer need and program of action. The unit has been successful in attaining one of the high-rated productivity in the country. Recently, Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. (KCCL) has ventured out in the export market as well. Products of KCCL are now exported to various parts of the world. KCCL has opened new frontiers to be conquered by the leading Toiletries and Cosmetics Company of Bangladesh.

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