Lance Sullivan, the Main Character of “the Best Man”

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The movie portrays Lance Sullivan, a professional athlete who is also wealthy, unlike the typical portrayal of black males in movies as drug dealers or killers. However, Lance does have thoughts of violence during the movie. By the end, he ends up in a neutral position where his decisions reflect the outcome of his situation. The movie also includes a strong, independent, successful black woman named Jordan who is a best friend with the other male characters. While there are some stereotypes, the movie has a positive outcome and nobody is killed, but one of the main characters is beaten up for sleeping with Lance’s fiance.

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The movie presents the character Lance Sullivan in a unique way compared to the usual representation of black males in films. Notably, he stands out as a wealthy and successful professional athlete, which diverges from the typical portrayal of black characters involved in illegal activities like drug dealing. It is important to acknowledge that depicting a black character as an athlete is also a common stereotype perpetuated in society.

The perception of black males is often limited to being drug dealers or killers, unless they are wealthy and seen as professional athletes. This stereotype diminishes their intellectual capabilities. However, in the movie, the black male protagonist defies expectations by neither engaging in violence nor becoming a victim of it. Ultimately, Lance finds himself in a neutral position where his choices determine the course of events.

In both movies and real life, it is unfortunately common for people to wrongly direct their anger towards the wrong person. This is exemplified when Lance discovers that his best friend, Harper, had slept with his now fiancée, Mia. Lance resorts to physical violence against Harper, yet he never addresses the issue with Mia. Regardless of race, individuals often vent their frustration in inappropriate ways. It is worth noting that Mia is the one who betrayed Lance, and moreover, this incident occurred quite some time ago. While Lance had every right to feel upset, the degree of violence portrayed in the movie may have been excessive, even though it added entertainment value.

The movie effectively depicted the male/female dynamic through Jordan’s close friendship with the other four male characters. Despite being attractive and loyal, Jordan did not engage in promiscuous behavior with her male friends. Additionally, she stood out as a rare portrayal of a hardworking, independent, and successful black woman in contemporary films. In the end, all five main characters provided mutual support throughout the entire movie, defying stereotypes and leading to a positive ending where no one lost their life.

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