Lance Sullivan, the Main Character of “the Best Man”

One of the leading characters, Lance Sullivan, is portrayed very differently from the average black males in movies up until the end. Number one he is rich and he is a professional athlete. His income doesn’t come from drug dealing or anything of that nature. Lance being an athlete in another perspective is also a common stereotype.

Black males are commonly portrayed as drug dealers or killers unless they are rich, then they are professional athletes. This makes it seem as though black males don’t have intellectual thinking capabilities. He doesn’t get killed and he doesn’t kill anyone during the course of the movie, although thoughts of it do cross his mind. By the end of the movie Lance ends up in a neutral position. Meaning his decisions reflect the outcome of his situation.

The only thing that was a shame about any of the black characters is that when Lance finds out that his best friend, Harper, had slept with his now fiance, Mia, he beat the crap out of him, but never even mentioned it to her. This is so typical not only in movies, but in life in general with people of all races, people take their anger out too often on the wrong party. It was his girlfriend that did the dirty deed as well. Not to mention it was a long time ago. He had every right to be upset, but I think the fighting was a bit extreme even if it did make the movie more enjoyable.

The male/female interaction was put together well because Jordan was a best friend with the other four male characters. Jordan was not only beautiful and not hoeing around with her male friends, but she was a hard working, independent successful black woman who is often hard to find in movies now days. The five main characters basically supported each other in one way or another throughout the entire movie. So while there were some stereotypes the movie ended up having a positive outcome and no one was killed.

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